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Dear Editor Benet

I feel much better about liberalism in Singapore after reading your latest issue, which aside from the inanity of salsa, was the only publication in the country to carry a critical look at the IMF & World Bank. Kudos to you. Mr Lord’s attack on the globalisation philosophy confirms to me its inherent emptiness. His entire point of view depended on slamming imaginary strawmen and he in fact seems to have a mostly emotionless connection to politics and policy. If the current ascendancy of the gloabalisation is just a hiccup – and if we’re so conservative as a nation (I believe one phrase was “out of step with the 21st century”), why are we the perfect model of it?

It’s OUR (the people’s) ideas that lead the way forward. One may think our spokespeople dull (no real argument from me), or one may find the business of harnessing the power of collective action to better all our lives (i.e., governing) to be tedious. One may even find it really fun to lambaste those whose earnestness and sincerity seem so humourless (you know who). But the truth is that one side is interested in moving our society forward to ever greater heights, while the other is content to take pot shots for kicks, and just complain.

The IMF meeting in Singapore was a way to show the whole world that Singapore has grown up, but unfortunately, the old guard has ingrained habits they couldn’t shake, and were taken back by the global spotlight. Touching the fire is how a child learns to respect fire, and our leadership touched the klieg light of international attention. Whether they learn anything from it is anyone’s guess. – Majula Munabi

Reminds me of the Bob Dylan song, “…the times, they are a changin'”, although it’s now totally safe to do so. We’re glad to be a part of the new path unfolding before us, and look forward to seeing where it all goes.

Dear Think Magazine,

I just wanted to write in and tell you how much I appreciate your publication. I can’t tell you my name because I work for a local publication as well and I don’t want to get blackballed. It’s weird because your publication is all over our office the day it comes out and the editors sort of poo poo it in public then secretly read it – cover to cover – and laugh and enjoy it like everyone else I know who reads your magazine. I say bravo to you for creating something unique and clever. It must be hard because I know competing publications want nothing more than to see you go away. Well, that’s all I’m going to say at this point. Here’s to the future. Best of luck to you. – Secret Admirer

Thanks for the letter, secret admirer. Seriously, I think we just had a moment. Thank you for being honest.

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