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Hey Thinkers, get this!

A couple of years ago a team of researchers at Duke put some sort of implants in a monkey’s brain that allowed it to control a robot arm. They taught the monkey how to control the arm using a joystick, then unplugged the joystick to see if the monkey could control it with just its mind. Here’s the freaky part: After awhile, the monkey figured out that it was controlling the arm with its mind and stopped trying to use the joystick. Money quote: “Our analyses of the brain signals showed that the animal learned to assimilate the robot arm into her brain as if it was her own arm.” It’s Planet of the Apes meets Terminator. – Cheers, Maria Irudayam

Back in this magazine’s early days, we had a column in our Thunk section that tracked the “evolution,” so to speak, of our primate’s inevitable advances on social control. They weren’t entirely understood at the time, so our research went underground, but suffice it to say, we read you loud and clear, Maria, and await your orders.

Think Magazine,

Not a big deal, but a comment on your thoughts on originality, especially on the Chili Peppers and the subject of plagiarism: “Give It Away” is a reworking of Black Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf,” and I read they reworked a “Uriah Heap” song too, I think, “Easy Listening.” – Anonymous

Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy. Hollywood taught us that with the advent of the remake of the remake, ad nauseam. It’s simple: Use what makes money, and repeat until your hot tubs are encrusted with diamonds. Duh. And we didn’t even go to Money-ology school.

Dear Sirs,

I am an active duty military member currently stationed in Sasebo, Japan. I found your magazine on liberty in Singapore, but I can’t find any information about subscriptions on the website. How do I get Think mailed to me? Please help!! – Sincerely, MA2 Katie Lassiter

Help is on the way, MA2 Katie Lassiter. Just hold on. Send your coordinates to think@think.cz and we’ll take care of you.

Over and out.

Hey Think!

I always go out of my way to read your magazine as it possesses a major difference when compared to other Singapore free publications (IS and Juice). The difference is that you’re actually really funny. In a world where The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift can pull in million of dollars, I am shocked that Joe Bodia is not paid billions of dollars. His reviews are simply brilliant, but the review of the history of the hamburger made me laugh out loud as I waited for a market research study. People stared at me as if I was a lunatic but it was simply brilliant. Keep up the good work and write more! – Marcus Sng

What makes you think Joe Bodia’s NOT paid billions of dollars?

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