(James’ reply)

I really did like your web page! I ask everyone if they’re interested, that is the only way you can grow in this business. Here is a phone number you can call to get a quick overview. After you call these number email me if you would like to me to help you get started. The numbers are [number removed] Ext. 20338 and Ext.20500. I just remeber (sic) back when i was in college it would have been nice to have a source of income that would have helped with school expense and fun money. Talk to you soon. – James

ED: And so, I ended up calling the number, and lo and behold, it was a crappy thing selling phone cards! Surprise!

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Dear Think Magazine,

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy your magazine. I always get at least a few good laughs and a couple of good dining tips in each issue. I wonder why a magazine so in touch with the spirit of Singapore would have so many articles by a guy who doesn’t live here? It’s kind of like a great meal with a spoilt desert, or maybe more like a great night out at the bars with a Drink-Drive on the way home. It’s nothing against Joe Bodia, more of a problem with a mediocre writer in an excellent magazine. I think it might be time to be done with him and instead put out the call for a local columnist to step forward. Thanks again for a great magazine. Keep up the good work. – Dan Eng

Don’t you think it would be a shame to feature ONLY Singaporean scribes? Almost all our writers reside in the region as it is. We thought it might be nice to have in each issue a non-local perspective. Plus, we all sort of like Joe. He’s a trustifarian, and writes stuff for us free, but he has a smoking habit, the kind that doesn’t suit the local legal system. How about we make him get a flat in JB?

Dear Think in general and Mr. Joshua Hammann in particular,

[RE: Issue 19 (04/06) “Next Time Think Scotch”] Joshua, please take advice from “Lolly” and stick to rum or vodka. My advice would be to try slivovice. Stay away from whisky or whiskey. Or failing that, drown your researcher in something blended. Maybe you did. I’m not as think as you drunk I am. – Cheers, Bill Hedman

One word Bill, Absinthe. Another three words “all the time.” Thanks!

Dear Think,

The first issue of Think I read was the second issue. Of course, I loved it, etc. Since then, I’ve turned tons of people on to it, all of whom love it too. However, up until now, there has been one thing your magazine has been missing. My favourite band, the Dancing Nancies. Now I can safely say that Think brings the rock. However, I spent about a week looking everywhere in Singapore for that issue once I heard DN was in it. What gives? There’s usually more Thinks than I can swing a local-born power pop band at, but suddenly they had vanished. So… yeah. If you could try to get more distributed, that would be great. Oh, and let me get that stapler. – Your devoted stalker, Melvin

What stapler? I’m confused. Is that some kind of an Office Space reference? If so, okay. I don’t know what to tell you about your ability to find Think. I guess you just need to get out more often. There’s really nothing I can do. If you come to the Gashaus at least once a month, I’ll give you a special copy. And a high five.

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