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Dear Thinkers,

I was a little disappointed reading your last “Humanifesto” column [“We’ve got a winner” Vol. 2, Issue 16]. I’m constantly amazed and amused by how many people get offended by your column. How can they read the entire thing without laughing and realizing what a satirist you are? Anyways, I don’t see how your column on Sembawang could have been so controversial. If somebody argues with it, please forward them my way. I’d love to read it (ever read hate mail at www.bonsaikitten.com?). Anyways, I would have loved to have heard you poo-poo people criticizing Think Magazine, rather than the other way around. Love your work, – Ronald Mauri

Frankly, we’re offended by your response to Jeffree’s column. Does every issue’s column have to be controversial to amuse you? Can’t just one column be informative? Can’t we all just let Jeffree be the heartfelt, huggy kind of guy he is? Anyway, the so-called “controversial column” model is always cool – just like the joke where you go to shake someone’s hand then pull it back and pretend to smooth your hair. Hilarious.

Thank you Think

Just a quick note to say “thank you” for returning to some intelligent writing. For a while there it seemed that Think was dumbing istelf down to appeal to some unknown market of happy idiots. Perhaps more indepth articles such as last issues piece about terrorism and what I must say was a concise well written refutation of the moral wrongness of state sponsored murder. Our church group thoroughly enjoyed discussing the merits of it. We find it appaling that someone carrying drugs is put to death, while other profit by millions of dollars for doing business with the very drug lords who make this modern scourge possible. – Sharon Eng

You’re welcome… there credit for that move back towards more enlightened subjects came from none other than one of our fashion editors, Luke Elijah Lim. We promise to keep the info flowing and give you much more to think about!

Dear Think

I picked up a copy of Think several months ago. I’m trying to find several articles that I thought were hysterical. First, I’m looking for the bit on the guy who left advertising to become a hair stylist. Second, from the same issue, there’s an article about a guy who gets a job at McDonalds and is trying to get fired. Third, from the last issue, there was an article about a guy who wrote about jobs in the theatre industry. – Thanks, Britney C.

Brit~ Step one: go to www.Think.cz. From there, browse the covers of past issues called “Archives & Back Issues”. Then at the top of the page is a list of past issue. Bingo. Step two: Dance!

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