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Dear Think,

You published my home phone number as the number of a bar on Orchard Road! The Round Midnight bar no longer exists and (65) XXXX-XXXX is my home number. While I’m sure other sources of information are also directing callers to my home phone number, I would nonetheless appreciate it if you would remove my home phone number from your website immediately. I look forward to hearing from you. – Jessica Eng

Wow, Jessica, we’re sorry about that. I guess this isn’t really the time to tell you that this proves that our readers really use this magazine? No, didn’t think so. Jokes aside, we apologise for the error and will look into what happened. It may have been a typo or it may have been a cruel practical joke played by a jilted ex-lover. Please make sure you check out masthead to make sure none of your past flames work here.

Mr. Benet:

I have been a reader of Think since nearly the beginning (of its publication, not of time) and I continue to enjoy the redesigned magazine. One quirk I’ve noticed, though, is that non-new albums are routinely listed in the CD Releases section. I can only assume that these are reissues or enhanced versions, though I can’t quite imagine why Orbital’s “Work” or The Weathergirls’ “Totally Wild” needed to be re-released after four or five long years. But if this is the case, you should at least include that information in parentheses, or perhaps focus on actual new music that will be released. Unless Grand Funk Railroad reissues its entire catalogue again. – Thanks, Joshua

Yeah, some are re-releases, but you’re right, we should indicate as much. We thought it was obvious. Sorry!

Dear Think,

Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this latest edition [Vol. 2, Issue 13]. In an age when journalism has become nothing more than the equivalent of bland paste, it’s refreshing to know that there are still individuals who know how to write. Witty sarcasm, acidic, biting commentary, intelligent and humourous. Wow! Writing is alive and well in your magazine. I especially enjoyed J. Hurewitz’s piece “Lose until you win.” Keep up the great writing. – David Masucci

Thank you Mr. Masucci for that literary pat on the back.

Hello Think!

I have been an avid reader for a year now and while I love everything about the magazine – I am always in search of a few good restaurants out there. I was curious as to why it seems you just re-print the same reviews? I have considered myself to be someone that holds dining out to a fair scale and would love to offer non-generic opinions of our local fare. Why should you have me write the reviews, you ask? I would offer a well-rounded, younger side to some of the repeat and drab statements you are currently using. There are so many other hot spots that you have not mentioned yet. Let me know when you can use my help! – Tarra, Self Proclaimed Restaurant Critique

Eeeeeveryone’s a critic (it’s spelled c-r-i-t-i-c, by the way). We’re sorry, but you can’t throw out “drab statements” and not back that up. It’s just rude. And we don’t really review restaurants, per se. They’re profiles. We try to focus on the good things about the establishments, the things people love. We’re not going to sit there and “critique” the soup for being too cold. Save it. But we appreciate the offer for your help. We do have some work for you. Come by the office and bring a bucket, some soap, a couple towels and some Turtle Wax™.

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