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Dear Think,

While browsing through the pages of your magazine, I saw some restaurant picture in the dark with plants lit up near a rock, some kind of jungle look. I am really hoping you can tell me what restaurant it was and where. I tried to download what I thought was the issue in question on your web page but since I didn’t know the article, it was impossible to search for it in detail. Unfortunately, I gave the magazine to a person who was visiting for a few days so I am left with nowhere to turn to find this great looking restaurant. Can you help me? – Thanks in advance!, Nicole Gruidl

Hmmm… well, you’re not giving us much to work with, but we think we know what you’re talking about. It was the Good Eatz article “Late Night Dining” in issue 8. The picture for this sidebar was of late night patrons at the Coffee Club’s Orchard Fountain Corner, with lights in the greenery and tables set up everywhere. It’s a really groovy place for night owls like us. Check out Late Night Dining in Singapore for the review.

Juice Magazine

RE: You missed one

You cheeky monkeys! Taking shots at the competition in Singapore is like picking on special-ed school kids. Good for a laugh, but not so nice. You did however forget one from London, it’s older than the one here and far more interesting to read and look at. Just thought I’d share, and to see if you’d publish my letter. – Angela Martion

Well, it is a dance magazine…

Think Rocks!

Just picked up Think for the first time. Lucky for me it was just what I needed to get orientated in Singapore! I would like to suggest two things to add to the list of things to do in Singapore: Sea kayaking rentals from the SAF Yacht Club, a great deal for exploring the coastlines and some outlying islands. I would also suggest the Baybeats Music Festival held at the Esplanade. I especially appreciated the ’10 Ways to Leave Your Sofa’ section. Congratulations on a great magazine. Looking forward to the next issue. – Pamela Higley

Welcome to the family, Pamela, and thanks for the tips. Keep ’em coming. In fact, next issue, you can just write the whole thing for us.

Late correction

I just had to write to tell you your usually well-connected writers missed the boat when they failed to mention “Thai massage,” as one of the best bodywork treatments to be had, in issue six. While I am not qualified to fully describe the massage therapist’s technique (my knowledge is limited to being on the receiving end) one lies on a padded mat on the floor wearing loose clothing. The massage therapist proceeds to stretch, fold and energise the client in a most remarkable way! I have heard it called “Lazy Man’s Yoga,” but I have never had a yoga class that made me feel as relaxed and energised at the same time! It isn’t something I’d want to have done by an amateur, but in the hands of a skilled professional, it is amazing. Maybe as Editor, you should do some research – strictly business of course! Keep up the good work. – Dean Danna

Hooray! Proof that people actually read those occasional spa profiles in the magazine, even months after we publish them. We were beginning to wonder. Apologies that we didn’t include Thai massage, but as you can see, we ran out of space. We also failed to mention aromatherapy, deep tissue, hot stone, pre-natal, orthopedic or remediation massages. And we didn’t even go near happy-ending massages. That’s another publication.

APOLOGIES: We apologise for nothing.
CORRECTIONS: We apologise occasionally. This month we would like to apologise to the Desire Bar & Cheeky Monkey crews for last month’s bar review which stated that their neighbours were “short-wearing kiddies”. In that, we didn’t mean the ACTUAL next-door neighbours, but just short-wearing kiddies in general. Some of who might have been in the hood.