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Wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your magazine. It has supplanted I-S as my favourite reading material. And that’s not even counting the fact that it’s also free!! I even like the smaller, magazine format better than the oversized format of I-S. Nice blend of interesting information, irreverence and goofy bullsh*t. The article on how to purchase a nuclear weapon really drew my attention and “Pain, Strains and Author Bar Bills” was great. Hope that my place of business (KPMG Consulting) becomes a regular distribution point for Think. Keep up the good work – personally, I think you’re doing everything right. – Patricia Fletcher, Novena

Not quite everything, Patricia. For example, do you ever get dressed in the morning and later – like after lunch – look in the mirror and say to yourself, ‘What in THE hell was I thinking when I got dressed this morning?’ I won’t go into too much gory detail but suffice it to say that acid wash jeans and a salmon colored Izod make more of a conversation piece than an outfit.


I’m curious if you plan on replenishing your magazine deliveries to Holland Village? I live in HV and work Downtown and it seems that if I don’t get to the magazines when you deliver the new issue within a day or two, they’re gone. I know you refill some places, but others you just leave empty … like my heart in search of your magazine. Why do you forsake me? – Tara Lee

We forsake you not, Tara Lee. But we can’t give you the information you need since you haven’t given us the exact location of the locations of which you speak. True, we do refill many places that consistently empty faster than others. In fact, we try increasing our distribution every month. All we can say is grab your copy faster. But here’s a special offer: for $20.00, you and your closest friends in Holland Village can have Think Magazine mailed directly to your home. It’s costing you money NOT subscribing. What are you waiting for? See our subscription offer on page 9!


A while back you printed an article about a website that gives really low travel prices. The deal is you give up your claimed luggage space to whoever needs it in exchange for them paying for a portion or all of the ticket. What was that called again? – Spiffily yours, Paul Shepherd

Dear Spliffy, It’s called courier travel. Do a Google search and you’ll find all sorts of stuff. It’s not one website so much as a type of travel. So you have options. You could probably just go to www.courier.org, too. Are you going to the international box-cutter collector’s convention in Syria this year?

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