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Dear Think

The obligatory “I love your magazine” foreplay: I’ve been reading Think for a good year now. I still have a couple of your first issues sitting on my bookshelf (remember the non-glossy version?). Sean Scott Wilson is great, but I miss the little bit of Ieuan Dolby here and there. And is Adeline Loh ever going to return, as she was missing from this last issue? I’ve noticed you’ve been putting more and more ads in the magazine. Whatever it takes to keep it free to the public, I understand that much, but lately they seem to be crowding out more of the articles. What gives? Anyways, enough of the griping. Don’t want to give you the wrong idea, I do love you guys.

A long, long, LONG time ago I remember there being a small mention in your magazine about the then newly opening hookah lounges. I’ve been a fan of the hookah scene for a while now and recently found that there are more lounges than I originally thought. Wouldn’t an article comparing the lounges be great?! – Mujah

Are you proposing the 2005 Hookah Lounge Resource Guide? We’ll consider it, sort of. But thanks for the kind words and your long-term commitment to the magazine. You’re old school. Can’t really apologize for all the ads, though. Just think of them as part of the whole experience. These sponsors believe in us, just as you do. Except they give us money.


Hello. I am a 16-year-old who is really interested in journalism. I wanted to know if you guys could help me. I wanted to know if I could submit a piece of my work on a movie review to you guys. I don’t care much if it is published or don’t expect anything, I just want a chance to submit my work to you guys. I really hope you guys could help me. If you guys do allow me to submit my work, where and to whom should I send it? Well, thanks for your time and hope you guys could help me; all I want is a chance to get better. – Sincerely, Adrian Leong

Adrian, you’re so cute. Okay send us your review and we’ll put it through our editorializer machine thingie. But please try not to use the term “you guys” so much. Too repetitive, you know? But keep at it. We’re all about the kids and whatnot. Right on. Totally.

Dear Mr. Bodia

This is in response to your request for reader feedback. Think is the only free magazine that I read regularly. What I like best about it is that it isn’t written by a bunch of brain dead whiners. Also, it’s a great read, with talented writers. I even cut out a couple of interesting ads. You can mention that to your advertisers. – Regards, Marianne Lim

Marianne, you are quite possibly the perfect reader. If there were only 50,000 more just like you I could finally tell my parents that I’m not a social worker/priest/ doctor/lawyer but a successful magazine publisher! Do you have any friends? 50,000 friends, by chance? Thanks for reading. If we had T-shirts, I’d send you one.

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