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Hi Thinky and rest of the gang,

Congratulations on the premiere issue of Think magazine. Your issue comes as a redemption, in the wake of all the crap circulating in the market here trashing our brain juices to a stalemate. I was impressed by the wit and humour infused in almost all of your articles comparable to the British Arena and GQ. Keep up the good work guys. – thanks, Subramaniam Velayuthammaxsubra@hotmail.com

Hi ppl from think!

Just got a copy of your premiere issue from the back seat of a public bus… From the first look, i thought it was a new kind of “Juice” (It’s not what you think anymore!) but as i read through, it is actually more! What i enjoy best about this magazine is that it is really hilarious.

Although the designs and layout of the magazine is pretty effective and catchy,there is something i noticed from your magazine is that you may not have a photographer to shoot pictures for your articles. Some of the qualities are also not up to printing standards.Well if you need any of my contributions, please contact me and i’ll be happy to help. – Regards, Simon

Thanks Simon, we’re working on that… the simple way, more illustrations!

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