Three young lads make up Labelless, a fashion label that was launched in December last year (see next page) . Gabriel Tay, 24, together with buddies Mark Kwek, 29, and Wei Yang, 24 got together in June to come up with something that could proudly call their own.

They decided on Labelless because they wanted to be more generic and refused to be tied down by any theme. “We didn’t want to have any label, so we took the easy way out by calling ourselves Labelless”, quipped Gabriel.

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The designs for their T-shirts are limited to about 40 pieces per design, thus making it less mass produced. They’ve recently launched their first collection which was based on childhood memories. These guys certainly seem very driven.

“Anything can inspire our design – like leaves, the road, and any colour that comes to my mind. I usually bring my digital camera along. Whatever that’s nice, I take a snapshot and conceptualise”, says Wei Yang.

To them, fashion is about feeling good and comfortable with what you’re wearing. “Just wear what you like and don’t care what people say. Wear it with confidence. When you have confidence you will look good and people will appreciate what you wear”, adds Wei Yang.

“Dressing and fashion is a culture which I think, hasn’t caught on in Singapore yet. Overseas in Japan, in NY, they take it very seriously how they dress”, says Gabriel.

There’s still plenty of room for improvement when it comes to local fashion, comments Gabriel, “In Singapore, we are merely copying what others are doing, not much originality. So this is something which we want to try to achieve. We don’t have to copy people. As long as we have something of our own then we can start something in Singapore which people will appreciate. To me, inspiration and design is infinity. It’s never ending. We hope that Labelless will be something towards infinity and that we will come up with better designs in future”, says Gabriel.

Having once seen someone wearing their shirt, Gabriel exclaims that the feeling is indeed wonderful, “I was so over the moon that day, it’s really glad to see someone wearing your work”.

Labelless Tees are available at SKOOL, Location: 14 Scotts Road #04-30 Far East Plaza, Opens: 11 am to 9 pm Daily

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