Korat Thai Cafe

Korat Thai Cafe

If you need on good reason to spend an evening in Orchard Towers and it doesn’t include getting measured for a suit or a pack of condoms, you’ll need nothing more than to walk on up to the third floor real casual like for some really AUTHENTIC Thai cooking, so good that it keeps the local Thai working girls happier than when they find a sailor on payday.

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A bit like a homestyle kitchen, they have all the Thai standards, and all properly spicey too! I almost always go for the Fried Kway Teow with heaping amounts of seafood for just $5, which is the same price for the perfectly made Papaya Salad. Of course, their Tom Yum soup can’t be beat, and comes in three sizes.

The curry’s are also masterful and highly recommended. Hours fluctuate it seems, and they’re closed on Tuesdays… and best of all, they also have take away!

Located on the third floor of Orchard Towers on Orchard Road.

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