Jool Lingerie

Jool Lingerie

Considering the large expat presence in Singapore, bringing in quality European lingerie at reasonable prices is an idea whose time has come, since many of the lingerie stores here don’t really cater for the many different nationalities, shapes and sizes, and those that do charge quite a penny. They thought there was a real opportunity to start a successful business catering to this market, and opened their Jool Boutique on trendy Club Street.

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But sexy fashions at affordable prices are not the only thing they offer. Without so much as a hint of a smirk on his face, Mark said, “Jool really does cater for the man as much as it does the woman! And what’s more, if men pass us their partner’s details and preferences, we can arrange to have elegant gift packs delivered to their home or office along with a card and flowers if required”.

The lingerie, beautiful in itself, seems designed to enchant and arouse both the wearer and her partner, and judging by the heated crowd at Fluid, we at Think think they’ve hit the mark. The unique Jool range comes in three individual collections – Erotica, Classica and Romantica. Erotica is a stunning collection of luxurious lingerie from sensual satins to erotic laces, and is designed for pure seduction. The Romantica line is a unique range of romantic garments specifically tailored for the voluptuous figure up to cup size G, while Classica is an elegant collection of classic pieces designed with a touch of passion for everyday wear and nighttime intimacy. Whichever style you choose, you can be sure that Jool Lingerie really will stimulate your senses, as well as your mind.

Jool Lingerie

In my ideal world, people would wear formal clothing only in the comfort of their home, and sexy lingerie could be worn anywhere as it’s the perfect compliment to the female form. Lingerie is the ideal kind of women’s clothing to make me feel good about my femininity. The sensation of fine and delicate fabric against the skin helps bring out an innate beauty, it really makes me more confident. Unlike last century, today’s lingerie is built for comfort and style that makes them even more enjoyable. Designers are paying more attention to what women want by giving them sexy yet comfortable lingerie to wear.

There is a big market for lingerie, widely available from specialty lingerie stores, department stores and mail order catalogues. However, lingerie seems to have found a niche on the Internet as more and more people choose to purchase them online. Not only do they find an abundant variety of lingerie ranging from homely nightgowns to sexy, transparent lingerie, it also gives shy buyers the privacy they want, an added bonus for men who often have a hard time shopping for sexy clothing to give to their special someone (or maybe to secretly wear themselves?). Shopping for lingerie is easier than you think especially because of the wide variety of lingerie choices available.

Whether you prefer something loose and playful like a transparent nightie or a form-fitting corset, there is something for you. If you plan to shop online, make sure the site also offers a refund and return policy in case you are not fully satisfied with your lingerie purchase. Or to ensure you don’t end up with inferior goods, check out small boutiques like Jool Boutique, which have some of the best quality lingerie, and in sizes for both local Asian lasses as well as the more continental ladies who call Singapore home. The have a lovely little shop, which in my perfect world, I would call my own personal closet!

31 Club Street, #01-02, Singapore 069468

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