Singapore Cricket ClubBut which one to choose? The Marina Club, which is hurting for members? Or the staid and stuffy Pinetree Town and Country Club?

Naw, go with the classics… How about the grand old lady of the Padang? Yes, we are talking about the 150-year-old Singapore Cricket Club, Singapore’s first social and sports club, and dating back as far as 1852.

And while it’s not all just about cricket anymore, Cricket was played on the Padang as early as 1837, only 18 years after Sir Stamford Raffles founded the settlement of Singapore in 1819, long before the formal establishment of the cricket club.

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Nowadays they play Football of both sorts, soccer and rugby, tennis, hockey, billiards and even lawn bowling!

In the midst of a $14.5 million facelift, including the construction of a new basement gym, expansions to the two restaurants, plus a sports bar where the terrace is now, things are only looking up for this venerable old institution at the centre of the city’s colonial heart.

From the Padang, members through the ages have witnessed many of Singapore’s triumphs and defeats, upheavals and independence and most of the annual National Day parades every August ninth.

But no matter the extent of the improvements, some things will stay the same, like the façade and a lot of the interior, or our favourite, the men’s only bar! Just like the old days of yore…

Ordinary Transferable Memberships are S$10,400 and Corporate Transferable Memberships are S$15,600, and is inclusive of a lot benefits.

To find out more, call Tel: +65 6338 9271 or Fax: +65 6337 0119 (Email:

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