JC PenneyIn the US, every Xmas, my auntie would buy me a gift certificate to JC Penney’s.

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It’s not much of a thrill. Sure, they’re one of America’s leading retailers, operating over 1,000 department stores, as well as one of the largest apparel and home furnishing sites on the internet, and the nation’s largest general merchandise catalog business.

Through these channels, JC Penney brings you stuff, that’s just on this side of boring. What’s cool about them however, is that they carry a true american icon; Big Mac works clothes. Worth checkin’ out for that alone.

And now you can have the middle-class suburban American shopping experience delivered right to your door via www.jcpenney.com.sg. Jcpenney.com.sg offers the same wide array of national, private and exclusive brands at smart prices, oh yeah.

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