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And that’s what Valerie Ng, Wyn-Lyn Tan and Yeo Shih Yun have made in this cool fashion spread, housed at Instinc, a quaint Peranakan shophouse on Emerald Hill. Commissioned by a local women’s magazine to make a backdrop for a fashion spread, the three artists utilised enamel and emulsion paint and made it on the spot on a rolled out backdrop in a fashion studio.

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Without much time to work on it, and no room for error, they produced an energetic work on art. Don’t miss the chance to “smell the pant” at Instinc, and admire the beauty of fashionable art by these three artists.

Three artists with very dissimilar styles put aside their egos to come together as one in a body of collaborative works. The process of working together on the same canvas is liberating, to say the least. Diverse perspectives are explored, brainstormed, and at times, conflicted. With the different dynamics of new thoughts and ideas bouncing off each other, a synergy is also created.

There is a sense of freedom in not worrying about ‘making a mess’ with a work to which an ego is less attached. The exhibition will showcase three main collaborative collections done in a variety of media, from acrylic on canvas to enamel paint on board.

– Instinc, 23 Emerald Hill Road, Singapore 229305, Tel (65) 6735 9867, www.instinc.com, Opening hours: Tue – Sun 11am – 6pm, closed on Mon, Tue – Sun 6 – 8pm (By appointment only) 21 Feb – 17 Mar 06, 2006

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