The last thing this country needs, is more restaurants, but what it does need is more entertainment based dining experiences. The Crystal Mirror is just that, a complete dining experience. With a show, cuisine that will make you salivate just reading the menu, and service that will amaze you, this is an experience not to be missed.

I went a little farther back that the usual reviews, I went back to late nineteenth century Europe. This was the era of total opulence, and the demand for exquisite fine dining experiences for the rich and famous. Without the choices that we have today for entertainment, society looked for other unique experiences to be entertained. No laser shows, or big screens to keep our attention, only the experience and talent of the performers enabled promoters to gain and retain full audiences night after night.

Mirror tents were extremely popular at this time in Belgium and the Netherlands, frequented by the richer classes of the day, they were the ultimate in entertainment.

Constructed of canvas, and decorated with a sumptuous interior of silks and brocades of an era gone by. You will take a travel through time, to this long lost time, re-create the passion of the past, experience the entertainment of the past, without the use of special effects of cameras, you will see it as it happens.

Recreated with using the original blueprints, this will prove to be a production that has spared no expense in the execution of perfection. The diners of those years expected the best, The Crystal Mirror aims to deliver those demands almost one-hundred years later.

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Gerhard Lanyi and Hannes Nimpuno aim to do exactly that. Recreate this experience, this decadence in ‘The Crystal Mirror’. With many years of event hosting, restaurant management and high quality service behind them, this will still be a feat that has never before been seen in Asia.

March 9th 2007, will see the first ever experience of ‘The Crystal Mirror’, with the love of dining experiences of the Asian culture, it is set to be a huge success.

The Mirror Tent is constructed without the use of even a single nail, contains over 1,500 mirrors internally, a fully equipped professional kitchen. All dining areas will be able to see the entire show which is held not on a stage, but among and above the diners. This is where the uniqueness becomes apparent. The waiters, acrobats and jugglers all become a part of the show, and the experience.

The performers, represent more than ten different nationalities, ensuring the benefit of a mass cultural experience. They are all world class, and have performed for many years on the international circuit. With names like, Andreas Wessels, Jojo Weiss, Jenny Adler, Tom Noddy as well as The Ceasar Twins along with The Skating Willers, this will be an evening to remember. All the performers will not only perform on a stage, but amongst you, the diners.

Chefs Franck Mischler and Alfred Holzfeind are the creative geniuses behind the gastronomic experience before you. Both have worked in high class European restaurants for many years. Many of the establishments are world class, which hold two Michelin Stars. With the experience between them we are in for a treat.

Chef Mischler is Chef de Cuisine of the Auberge du Cheval Blanc, a distinguished restaurant that has been run by the Mischler family for over four generations, two Michelin stars, and a world renowned quality that precedes its’ reputation. An award winning Chef in his own right, his experience and passion will exude in the delights presented to you.

Chef Holzfeind boasts over thirty-years experience, starting in Tirol, Austria, and traveling the world, designing and initiating the menus and dining experiences of many of the finest gastronomical venues in the world today. His vision and passion will be a true encounter in to true European cuisine.

Both Chefs will offer their own versions of many specialties that will delight and intrigue your taste buds. With influences from Vienna and Paris, four courses of fine cuisine, selected rare wines specially imported for the occasion, these two chefs, and over ten thousand glasses of champagne to be savored, what better dining experience can you imagine?

The single most innovative producer of live variety shows in Germany, is Markus Pabst. Markus has experienced all types of production, from film, theatre to dance and physical creations. It is this experiences that have prompted the German tabloids to call him the ‘Tarantino of Variety’. This talented Director/Producer has the references of events such as: Karussell der Körper, Chaos Royal and many many more. With more than twelve years of directing experience, he will deliver an awe inspiring entertainment spectacle that will leave you talking about it for many hours after the experience.

The entertainment will encompass a three and half hour show of daring and unnerving acrobatics, comedy, magic and much more. You will be wowed, stunned and astonished at the complexity and inexplicable skill of the performers. Both at the skill, and the apparent ease at with they perform their skills.

Reinhard Bichsel, is the man responsible for the lighting in The Crystal Mirror extravaganza. This is the man responsible for the Eiffel Tower firework display in 2005, and the fire installation on Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor also in 2005, this experience will only be one to dazzle you as you enjoy what is before you, around you and above you.

The talent that Gerhard and Hannes have brought to you, is without a doubt, the quality that you would only expect to see in many separate shows and events around the world. To bring all this talent together must have been a feat in its’ self. The execution of this magnificent extravaganza will be harder still.
With seating for 278 diners at 52 tables, space is limited. Ticket prices vary from $159 to $320. Spaces are severely limited for all performances due to the unique format of the event. For more information call The Crystal Mirror hotline on +65 6535 1262.. The Crystal Mirror is being hosted at the Padang in Singapore from 9th March for a limited run before embarking on an Asian tour that will see this spectacular event in Hong Kong, Jakarta and Taipei.

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