We know that the advertising market here in Singapore is world class, but often times can be slightly derivative, and if you work in the industry you’ll know what I mean.

But sometimes it can be downright mind-boggling. Take for example the art direction for this advert in the paper we recently found for Blue Horizon, “Where the Living is easy.”

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We can only assume that the tableau of photoshop merged images is intended to create a message about the lifestyle you’ll find in this new condo project with a luxurious seaview. And just what does this story say?

Well, we have the happy children after a long day at school, and they’ve just met up with their mum, who has obviously spent a long day shopping while her successful briefcase-carrying husband was hard at work.

But wait a minute, the story doesn’t end there… the husband is obviously rushing out of the MRT to hurry into the arms of his beloved… roller skating girlfriend?! Just what is going on in this tableau?

Part of some government plan to start having those men who can afford it start multiple families? Or is this merely the fantasy world of the artist who put it together, with the fine print in the top corner saying “Artist’s impression” spelling it all out?

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