Many people argue that there is no such thing as reality, that what we are living in is kind of like The Matrix. Nothing is real, and what we feel isn’t real. People say there is no point to life, and insult people who have goals. There is a point to life, at least a very basic point, and it is directly related to our physical feelings.

People can say that we don’t feel anything and all emotions are fake, but there is one thing that nobody can ignore. It is logical to argue that happiness, sadness, and those kinds of emotions aren’t real, as we can ignore those feelings. However, the physical sensation that no human can ignore is pain.

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Pain is the most real thing in the entire world. No matter how much someone things life isn’t real, pain is the one medicine that brings anyone back to reality. Physical pain is the absolute worst feeling in the world, it is the thing we cannot ignore and must stop everything we are doing to attend to. That is the basis behind fear, we have an enormous fear of getting hurt, because the sensation it causes is unbelievable.

So, back to the point of life. The point of life is simply to avoid as much pain as possible. Sure, someone could kill themselves, but sometimes that can cause a lot of pain, and before one does it they have to go through a period of immense fear, which while is in no comparison as bad as pain, is still a bad feeling that is somewhat similar to pain. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid it, and if you don’t, well, you’ve failed life.

Imagine for a second there was no such thing as pain. The world would be a very different place, and the death rate would be extremely high. While pain is the worst feeling in the world, it is also the most necessary one. Without it, we wouldn’t know when we were hurting ourselves, and would die without any warning of death coming. So while one may wish pain to go away, it unfortunately needs to be there.

While there may be many mysteries to life, whether we are not real is not a question. Pain is the evidence that we are real, the thing that shows us we are actually in existence. If we weren’t real, we would not have pain, because pain is too real to exist in a world of nonexistence. To prove this mathematically (some things need to be assumed), p – > q, which would be no pain implies no reality. Therefore, ~ p – > ~q, or pain implies reality, and because pain is true in our world, reality is true.

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