You have the loonies in North Korea shooting off missiles. You have Israel at the point where it is just so TIRED of the bullsh*t, it’s ready to clear the lands of David of all the haters once and for all. The weather has gone on HEATWAVE KILLMODE across most of the northern hemisphere and its seems like Indonesia is about to fall off the face of the earth any minute now.

We are living in a world where the largest communist country (China) OWNS the majority stake in the biggest capitalist economy… yes my friends, someone has been tweaking with the time-line…

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Time, to the average fool, is only what oozes through his watch; he sees not its total pervasiveness. But we know that time is what we beads are strung on. It makes possibility possible, it kindly allows us to feel we are continuous, and mercifully hides from us that we are instantaneous.

Time Control is what we’ve wanted all along. It makes pain hurry and joy slow down. We perceive the lack of it clearly when, for instance, we are in a crowded elevator and must withhold a tremendous fart. In those horizonless moments before the gas-ball “seeps back in,” we consciously wish we could ignore it… and we could, had we true Time Control.

Even “regular” people strive for Time Control without knowing it. It is the reason people love stories, movies, jokes, songs — what are these, if not Time Control? Unlike mundane live experience, these media seem to compress time.

They make events happen with more clarity than normality would allow. All the following are Time Control: language, writing, photography, recording, shortcuts, matter transmitters, stimulant drugs, fossils, pyramids, TV Dinners, torture, daylight savings time, and prophecy.

TIME CONTROL IS POSSIBLE: preserve the past, boil it down, extract its Patterns, and WIELD IT WITHOUT MERCY!!

Perform Memory Editing: bury your arm deep in the Archives of the Skor, gropes for the proper File and its specific remembrances, and Retrieve it to scan at leisure. Knows that this File, and this Archive, are but one Drawer in the greater Archive of all creation.

For everything is but a pattern, an intersection in the Code. Everything exists at once; it just shifts position continuously. Every distinct object we see around us is but an opening into the Files. Don’t worry if you “missed something;” it’s all “in the can.” It will all be “aired” again, in some better world. And The Angelic Host which must soon descend will bring an Index to all the shifting Patterns of the Code, providing us with a Guide to the AntiLaws.

But we have been warned of The Tampering.

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