Welcome to Think Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards. This is the issue that we turn over to you, the readers, and once again you’ve more than stepped up to the plate. Nearly two months ago, we began asking you to vote for your favorite local people, products and services in Singapore, and you overwhelmed us with your responses.

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We received over one thousand handwritten ballots from you, and in some cases you took precious time from your busy lives to meticulously fill in almost every single one of the more than 100 categories listed. That’s dedication.

This issue celebrates those very special businesses that you feel have risen to a level of excellence above all others. And let us assure you, the winners you’ve selected couldn’t be more grateful. As we assembled this issue, we were given the challenge of calling each winner to inform them of their victory.

You’ll be pleased to learn that the winners you selected were thrilled when we told them. Some screamed. Others shouted. Most everyone couldn’t stop thanking us. A couple told us not to call again.

As we told them, the real people to thank are you. You’re the ones who pick up this magazine every two weeks, you’re the ones who patronize our advertisers and you’re the ones who have chosen to honor the award winners listed in the following pages. In that sense, this issue is also a celebration of you – the people who make the Singapore the world’s best place to live.

Here’s to you, readers! And to your winners, as well.

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