When things go wrong, a friend of mine is fond of saying, “I can’t wait until my superior race returns to earth and uses you humans for food.” It was funny the first 20 times he said it. But now, I’m starting to believe him and it isn’t so funny. The more you look around – really look around – the more you see that science fiction is catching up with reality, and at an alarming rate. To wit: Countless movies have been made about a not-so-distant future where techno aliens rule the earth. Or if not War of the World techno aliens, they’re flesh-mangling machines designed by humans to be smarter than humans.

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A human-designed machine that thinks and acts independently has been a hot plotline since before Hal turned on us in 2001: A Space Odyssey. And there’s always been a subtle disdain for technology. How many people do you know who HATE cell phones. I know several. And don’t you get just a little peevish when you see “that guy” in the cafe rattling away on his laptop?

I maintain that it’s a subconscious recognition of a legitimate threat to our very existence. Perhaps it’s all part of some galactic alien conspiracy, (and by the way, if you Google “alien cover-up” you’ll find Think Magazine suspiciously at the top). Could there be aliens amongst us? If so, what is their plan?

With so many reputable UFO videos out there, you just know there’s something big about to happen. But how will our governments react to it? Michael Lindemann outlines the socio-political ramifications of Aliens on page 46. Forget everything you thought you knew about how our elites would really react and prepare to have your mind blown out the back of your skull, figuratively of course. It’s guaranteed to make you smarter or your money back.

In the last issue, I asked for feedback on this magazine and your responses were very well received and unbelievably helpful (except that one guy’s. Bite me dude). It’s inspired us to make the feedback system even easier. So if you turn on your computer and log on to the cyber-space-super-information-highway-net-web and “email” to think@think.cz, we’ll send you a fun and informative questionnaire that tells you more about us and us more about you. Since this is your magazine, it can do you nothing but good. Plus, if you don’t, the puppy gets it.

I try to weave a general theme into every issue. This issue’s theme was Alternative Lifestyle / Health until I realised the extent of our combined knowledge of health matters falls slightly short of pot stickers.

Not that we’re disgusting beasts; we just don’t go to yoga every night and rub tofu-cucumber cream on our faces/butts. And not that doing that makes you healthy, either, because lord knows a little chain-smoking can counter a lifetime of veganism. Not that it’s even going to matter if you’re a chain-smoker or a vegan when my buddy’s alien race returns to earth to use us all for food.

So we decided to mix it up a little bit and offer you a well-rounded mix of entertaining reading, pondering the questions of life like “What is Sexy?” the History of Hip-Hop, some advice on how to become a deejay or whether its really worth shacking up with that guy you just met. Feel like travelling or picking up girls? J. Hurewitz rejoins us with a travelogue on Stravos in Crete and his latest frustrations with the beauty that surrounds him in the Thai capitol of Bangkok.

Next month is our big fall fashion issue, see you then!

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