I was going to regale you with tales of passion and desire, deceit and intrigue, betrayal and heroics. Blah, blah, blah. But you probably have enough of that in your life already and are probably sick of hearing about 2004. So I’m going to focus on the present (as in what’s in this issue), the future and some exciting discoveries I’ve made since making Singapore my home. And since those discoveries involve desire, deceit, intrigue, etc., feel free to skim ahead to them if you haven’t done so already.

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If one of your wishes is to be more stylish, this issue should come in handy. We have an article on Style vs. Fashion and on page 16, we present the latest from Puma designer Mihara Yasuhiro. You’ve seen the bipedal wear on the feet of those in the know (or pretending to be); now, see pictures of them IN COLOUR! They’re all the rage, darling, and plus, how could an entire nation of Japanese be wrong?

And once you have the hip shoe thing covered, it’ll be time to seriously break into the world of creativity. Trust me when I tell you that there is no better place in Singapore to get started than with Think Magazine. First, check out our piece on teaching creativity, and think about the great quote by Charles Mingus, who said: “Anyone can make the simple complicated; creativity is making the complicated simple.”

Other notable features in this issue: Neal Pereira’s expert take on “Trip hop” (page 32), our newly expanded restaurant and bar listings (beginning on page 24) and Sion Scott Wilson’s outrageous missive on our society’s collective hypersensitivity (page 36).

And it couldn’t be better timed considering I just listened to a message from an irate woman who was deeply offended that we are “an offensive and vulgar publication” with our last relationship themed issue. To understand why we have to apologise on the letter’s page, check out the issue online. If you’re offended by it, I’m sure you’ll let me know.

Since moving our headquarters closer to Newton Circus, we’ve made a conscious decision to focus our editorial even more locally than it is now. So local, in fact, that we may be working on a story about you at this very moment. We’ll still do the celebrity, movie, music stuff and all the rest, soon we’re about to launch a local column so biting, sassy, provocative and in-depth, you won’t know if being in it is a good or bad thing. So that’ll be exciting. And dammit, I’d love to tell you about a couple other things in the hopper, because they’ll be incredibly useful to you, but doing so would only spoil the surprise. Stay tuned.

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