Send me an email now and I will curse their belligerent, misguided ways, their porcine, oleaginous faces, their overbearing, imperious manner and their vulgar, vociferous, blaring voices. Send me an email request and I will grab the nearest yank and discuss with them their bogus idea of cultural imperialism and tell him in no uncertain terms that it is really tied up with phantasmagorical notions of ‘choice’ and ‘freedom’.

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I will shout; “Freedom of speech?” “Freedom of choice?” then explain that it is hiding under a mire of politically enforced dogma. They are stuck in this vortex of their own sh*t doctrine they’ve created to rob and con each other whilst smiling ‘have a nice f*cking day’. All you f*cking yanks ever talk about is your (admittedly confused idea of) freedom and freedom of speech when all you really want to do is bully people into silence. They are a nation built upon ignorance and maintained by blind consumption.

Everything you stuff into your fat super-sized faces is manufactured in impoverished countries you don’t even know exist…. let alone have visited. You are the most superficially religious country on the face of this planet but your lives are the very antithesis to the Christian ethos. The world’s police? Do you have love for the people living in artificial economic depression forced upon them by trade embargoes established by your corrupt government for their own political ends?

The world is riddled with pollution…. global warming is a REALITY…. the USA REFUSES TO SIGN THE KYOTO TREATY. The USA is aggressively employing a policy of international imperialism. Cultural diversity is nearly a thing of the past with your support for the invasion of militarily inferior countries with resources you can usurp. You are creating a horrid, merciless and futureless world of hate and intolerance.

For £5 I will give them a Chinese burn and run away.

Jim L Fixit

United Kingdom

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