The inaugural Singapore Grand Prix race is approved by the FIA to be the first night event in F1 history. The reason for staging the race at night is because the organizers want to broadcast the event at a fitting time for TV audiences in Europe. With its origins in Europe, Grand Prix still has the majority of its spectators there. The in-principle start of the race will be at 20:00 local time (13:00 Central European Time), and that’s why two tests of a daylight conditios replicating system have been successfully passed by Singapore GP Pte Ltd., the official Singapore Grand Prix 2008 managing company.

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The night start time is not the only Singaporean Race distinction. Since the construction of a purpose built track is seen as wasteful, it was prompted to propose a street circuit. Marina Bay will play host to the Race. The 5.067 kilometres (3.148-miles) long circuit which serpentines the harbour area to the East of the city centre is similar in style to the famous Monaco Grand Prix, which was initially designed by famous German Formula One circuit’s designer Hermann Tilke.

Consisting of ten right hand turns and fourteen left hand turns. Due to specific shapes of the circuit, the race will be anti-clock wise to enhance safety both for drivers and spectators.

The challenge is formed by 61 laps. It is thought that before turn 7, the cars’ top speed will be along Raffles Boulevard at over 300km per hour, but after crossing the ninety seven year old Anderson Bridge prior to the last turn, they will be throttled back to 80km per hour.

Singapore Grand Prix Race Map

The 500m Pit Straight where the race will start and finish will be situated close to the new Singapore Flyer complex. The Singapore event has raised some concerns from the Malaysian authorities, who claim that it will create unhealthy competition with the well-known Malaysian Sepang International Circuit only 300 kilometers away. Still, the Sepang Circuit’s Chairman, Mokhzani Mahathir welcomes the idea.

Anyway, they are full of optimism in Singapores offering of hospitality suites worldwide since last November. 80,000 general entrance Singapore Grand Prix tickets are also available, 3-day passes and single-day passes, subject to inventories. Singapore is hoping for additional economic benefits to be derived from the influx of visitors of the Championship, which some estimates say could exceed $100 million. The innovative spirit of the Grand Prix is likely to attract better attention than the IMF/World Bank meeting, and a number of sites offering information for this most prestigious of Singapore events are already online, including at

The inception of world championship racing was held at Silverstone in the UK in 1950 as a successor of some earlier events took place in France. Since that time, it has spread across the world and entered Asia. Along with Bahrain and China in 2004, Turkey in 2005 and Singapore in 2008, there are Abu Dhabi, Indian and Korean Grand Prix’s scheduled for 2009 and 2010. Singapore Grand Prix 2008 success is essential for Formula One development worldwide that is why the role of the event is of a really high importance.

– Lyle Tarman is an avid fan of motorsports and regular contributor to a number of racing publications. For more information on the F1 Singapore be sure to visit

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