A shirt is a shirt is a shirt, or is it? Maybe it is, or maybe it isn’t. Pieces of clothing donned to cover our own bodies since the times of Adam and Eve now function beyond their needs. Everyone wants to wear a well-designed top, one that’s unique and speaks of his or her personality. No one wants to be caught wearing the exact same thing the other person at a party is wearing, it would be a dead kill. Well that was how street wear was born. An individual’s expression of his or her own state of mind or personality is often the source of inspiration for street wear.

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To sum it up, it’s a totally different kind of ‘wearables’ altogether. Street wear is definitely on demand and many local street wear labels have been popping up and impressing us with their great range of talent and creative designs. In July 2005, one such label in Singapore celebrated their second anniversary. HDLN is the street label in question. The brains of the clothing line are none other than trio Sid, Calvin and Bryan. Together, the three have produced clothes that speak of Singapore’s street culture. They hope to be able to further illuminate the local street wear scene with their unique pieces and possibly inspire others to do the same.

The anniversary was held at Phuture and there’ll were 12 other local labels who participated, namely Fourskin, :Phunk Studio, Flesh Imp, Labelless, Hooked Clothing and Sabotage (SBTG). HDLN 2005: VOL. 2 – The Visual Collective In Twelve Chapters,an event that not only celebrated the anniversary of the label but also aims to make known to the public, the side of street wear they never knew existed. HDLN showcased all the tees they’ve produced since they started and The Collage Store website, which was also be launched at the event. If you’re more of a sneakers person, don’t fret because there’ll be an exhibition of customized sneakers by Ol’ Charlie. Those spotted wearing HDLN tees were given limited event tees by the HDLN crew.

They also put up for preview the collaboration tees that were showcased that day. These tees, a collective effort by the 12 participating labels and was made available to the public at the individual labels’ outlets and at the Collage Store. These one-of-a-kind tees are unique and expressive and costs about $59 each.

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