You’ll be surprised at how effective and challenging this ancient form of meditation from India is. Some people, especially men, think that Yoga is only good for women. If you think you’re tough, I dare you to try Yoga. You’ll be surprised at the athleticism involved in the forms achieved through Yoga. In fact, a lot of physically-fit people have difficulty in managing these poses. Now, I’m not scaring you. There are a lot of Yoga poses that are more suited for beginners who would like to try it out.

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Yoga is not only good for the body, but for the mind as well. The discipline involved in practicing yoga is both physical and mental. You need to be able to free your mind of all worries and enter a trance-like state. Again, I am not scaring you; all I am saying is that yoga needs all of your focus or what you’re doing is amiss. As mentioned earlier, Yoga also invigorates the soul. In fact, Yoga is a Hindu practice and is part of their orthodox philosophy.

The word Yoga itself means to unite or to control, because its practice is you literally taking control of your whole self, uniting each of your senses into blissful contemplation. Now, practicing Yoga does not mean that you are entering into some form of cult or new religion. In fact, in western countries such as the US, Yoga is an extremely fun and relaxing activity in the form of exercise. There are literally hundreds of fitness clubs offering Yoga to those who wish to embrace it. You can even practice it in the comforts of your own home in a mat, as there are thousands of Yoga instructions available in VCD and DVD format. So go on and experience a renewing of your body, mind and soul by way of Yoga.

Here are threee of the best Yoga studios in Singapore:

Pure Yoga SingaporePure Yoga

Rise above the Ngee Ann City bustle and step into a sanctuary of strength and serenity on the 18th floor. Pure Yoga members even get the chance to enjoy yoga and meditation on overseas retreats, which provide them with the opportunity to seek a balanced state where the physical, mental and spiritual co-exist peacefully. Sounds bliss.

391A Orchard Road, 18-00, Ngee Ann Gty Tower A (above Takashimaya), Singapore 238873 Tel: +65 6586 8473 Fax: +65 6733 9878 Website: Email: Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 6.45am-11pm; Sat-Sun and eve of public holidays: 8am-8pm

True Yoga

The largest yoga centre in Singapore, True Yoga operates outlets stretching over 32,000 sq ft. Its yoga instructors, who hail from India, specialise in more than 40 varieties of yoga. Apart from yoga and Pilates, members can also step up the pace with various dance forms such as classical Indian dance, belly dancing and Indian Bollywood dance.

9 Scotts Road, 4-01, Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210 Tel: +65 6733 9555 or +65 6536 3390 (for Raffles Place branch) Fax: +65 6836 9115 Website: Email: Opening hours: Daily., 7am-11pm

Gaia YogaGaia Yoga

Gaia Yoga is dedicated to providing a holistic experience that will inspire people to practise yoga as an art of living. Meaning "earth goddess" in Greek, Gaia’s studios are bathed in sunlight providing an ambience of soothing serenity. Gaia also offers customised corporate sessions, during which classes such as yoga, meditation and stress management can be conducted.

30 Bideford Road, 03-01 Thongsia Building, Singapore 22"22 Tel: +65 6738 2028 Fax: +65 6738 7168 Website: Email: Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 9.30am-9pm; Sat-Sun: 9.30am-5pm

One reader wrote to bring to our attention her wonderful yoga instructor.

They are currently taking Ashtanga Vinayasa Yoga lessons from her, a lady instructor by the name of War War and wanted to use this channel to commend how brilliant an instructor she is. 

"I got to know her from a friend and being a skeptic about yoga (My spine was once injured by mass gym yoga classes 2 years ago), I was very reluctant to give her a try. However, my friend whom is suffering from severe back pain was eventually ‘cured’ by her. She planned the yoga postures in such a way that through those postures, the back muscles are strengthen and that help in reducing the pain. She paired the postures with different breathing techniques to calm the mind and enhance the oxygen capacity of one’s lung.

I’m over 40 years of age this year and I tend to complain alot about how old I am, my poor health and etc (which Singaporean don’t complain anyway?). Nevertheless, she patiently helped me to build my confidence level and spur me to put in more efforts in my postures. She never fails to encourage me and correct my alignment and always explain and reiterate the importance of having a good posture and alignment when practicing yoga. Even after lessons, she spends some time going through my diet plan as I used to be slightly overweight (she did not charge me for that even though i wanted to pay for the consultation as she gives really good advices). I am truly impressed by her professionalism and she will always be at the top of my list."

So we post this here to share with the rest of the Singaporeans, that not only a very brilliant yoga instructor but also an amazing a person can teach you. She constructed a simple website ( after many times that her students urged her to do it and she is by far the most down to earth person that you’ll ever come across!

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