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Recognised as one of Singapore’s most popular street-wear brands, 77th Street’s latest endeavour; Gothic Princess, The Concept Boutique, marks another milestone in its trendsetting approach to fashion retailing. Honoured as a serious player in fashion merchandising, with 14 boutiques located nationwide, and one in Beijing, the launch of Gothic Princess, The Concept Boutique, will prove as another winning formula for 77th Street. Gothic Princess will be the first 77th Street franchise outlet in Bugis.

The fascination with gothic culture and gothic fashion is likened to one’s pursuit of an alienation from the mainstream. The association with the ‘dark’ and ‘morbid’, deviation from the ‘mainstream’ has been a common perception of the gothic fashion, which includes dyed hair, black eyeliner, dark fingernails and black clothing.

With an emphasis featured prominently on visual identity, the art of dressing up takes Centre Stage at Gothic Princess, where the light of Goth is about the ability to see beauty in where it’s lacking, understanding the mind of a distinctive culture that has always embraced wearable art in its most fashionable form.

For more information, please visit www.77thstreet.com.

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