It’s hard not to sit up with excitement when a restaurant like Go India calls itself a ‘futuristic Indian food theatre’. Though it’s not exactly a performance venue, there are plenty of theatrics – culinary inspired of course. I believe that the food they serve makes for good material for the hungry soul. Various textures, layers and tastes bring forth a play of great measures; which I promise, will soon have you shouting ‘encore’!

Situated by the waterfront at VivoCity, the restaurant looks almost Zen-like, with its white splashed walls reflecting the generous sunlight that pours in during the day. Diners have the choice of dining indoors or outdoors and there’s even an alfresco bar with a Shisha/Hookah area facing the sea.

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There’s even a spectacular view of Sentosa from the open area. Certainly, the ambience makes the entire eating experience even more ethereal.

Go India’s menu doesn’t fail to fascinate. Serving signature Northern Indian Cuisine, the restaurant relies on their talented Indian chefs to churn out various delights that are distinctively fresh.

Think of it as eating authentic Indian food with a modern twist. It’s not exactly fusion food, but it certainly proves that Indian food is versatile and can be deliciously exciting. There’s also a New Age section that showcases a variety of tapas and chaats.

{gallery}go-india{/gallery}Open for lunch and dinner, Go India’s a-la-carte menu is as scrumptious as it sounds. Hot favourites include Shabnum Pur Lutf (fresh mushrooms stuffed with cottage cheese) and the Butter Fish Spinach Grilled Kebab. The Shabnum Pur Lutf is a unique invention that makes for a very tasty appetizer.

The delicate cheese goes well with the fresh mushrooms and it certainly made me very happy. The fish kebab is another crowd pleaser. Served on a bed of buttered spinach, the pieces of grilled scolla fish are marinated in yoghurt and pepper mustard, giving it a smooth finish.

Other special items include their Rural Chicken Curry (Indian village style chicken with whole spices) and some interesting Wine Crab Cheese Cake (Crab meat patty tossed in wine dipped in tangy creamy sauce). Go India really lives up to its name. You almost feel as if you’ve been teleported to India because of the authenticity of its Indian cuisine.

The restaurant injects into diners an energy like no other – I attribute it to the fantastic food and highly recommend their buffet lunches available daily from noon to 3pm. Their lunch spread is a real visual and oral treat. The myriad of colours and smells promise to whet your appetite and you’ll probably end up eating more than you intended to. But hey, what’s life without good food? Just loosen that belt of yours or get bigger jeans! Go India’s food appeals to people of all ages and you will definitely not be disappointed with the variety and quality.

#01-152/155, VivoCity, 1 Harbour Front Walk, Open: 12 noon to 11pm, Tel: +65 6376-9644

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