The Life ShopThere is hope afterall

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Sometimes you walk into a store, and more than just shop there, you want to LIVE there. I’m not talking about the Victoria’s Secret shop either (but wouldn’t that be nice?). No, I’m speaking of The Life Shop, a Thai-partnered venture which is in the black book of of every set designer, home decorator and hipster in the know. They have tons of stuff they produced themselves, plus lots of other stuff. This ensemble to the right caught our eye with it’s Lotus theme, from the minimalist canvas screenprint ($350) to the cushion covers ($29.90) both perfectly matching the Eileen Grey side table ($425) and the Van Der Rohe modern Italian classic chairs ($990). The only bit of colour being from the silver Peltzman 15″ lamp ($198) next to an aluminum airplane ($59). See, just one visit and you’ll need to buy a whole new home for all the great stuff they have!

Raffles City Shopping Centre #03-25, Tel; +65 6732 2366,

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