Galley by the Straits With such a large menu, it is always good to ask for recommendations. Begin with the freshly prepared smoked sashimi, delicately presented on a plate of ice.

Galley by the Straits The seafood here is excellent; so don’t hesitate to delve into their offerings. Curry fish-head, a dish most Singaporeans can identify with, is prepared with every detail in mind.

Awash in thick, orange-yellow gravy, the fish head yields large chunks of meat. Spicy and hearty but not overpowering, the dish goes especially well with a steaming bowl of rice.

Another local favourite but given an extra ounce of taste is the chilli crab. Succulent, spicy, tender and aromatic, the popular crustacean is prepared with Galley’s unique touch.

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The restaurant also serves Western food such as fish and chips. Sprinkled generously with herbs, the firm, fresh fish is of a quality found only in Galley’s.

End your meal with a fantastic array of desserts: tiramisu presented elegantly in a wineglass, homemade mango and blueberry cheesecake, all sinfully sweet and highly addictive. Finish the night with a walk along the picturesque jetty with a drink in hand, or simply lounge beside the gently lapping waves.

– Galley by the Straits, SAF Yacht Club, 43 Admiralty Road West, Singapore 759962, Open: 11am – 10:30pm daily, Last orders at 10pm. Reservations & Enquiries: +65 6491 1388, +65 6757 9026 or mobile +65 9630 8278,

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