chiffon shirtdress from felt

Armed with more than 10 new designs and themes, Jo’s spring/summer 2006 collection, entitled ‘Nice Try!’ is inspired by summer memories of prize-giving ceremonies in school. The Nice Try! collection consists of a harmonious role plays of individual characters – it reflects the formality of the school committee seated on the stage versus the fidgeting, and cheeky little children in the audience

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Tailoring is key to the collection and every design is executed in a versatile array of luxurious cottons and fine masculine wools.

Masculine elements are injected into feminine tailoring in the style. Example? An androgynous jacket with its deceiving fake waistcoat and a matronly-buttoned front dress with tucks was completely transformed into a sweet number by making it in translucent baby blue chiffon. Result? An unique hybrid of both subtle masculine and feminine modes which is ready-to-wear and chic. Pinstripes, preppy checkerboard cotton, Prince of Wales and sombre charcoal-grey stretch drill and suiting is refreshingly lined in an assortment of colour.

Hansel’s Nice Try! Spring/Summer 2006 collection is sure to please little souls everywhere. The collection will be available exclusively at the Felt boutique from Mid-March 2006.

– Felt is located at #01-18 Capitol Building, 11 Stamford Road, Singapore 178884. Tel: +65 6837 3393. or

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