fashion bazaar

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So you’re feeling a wee bit down because the person you went out with yesterday night has not called you yet. What better way to get your mind off emotional duress than to do a little therapy I like to call retail, and maybe do a therapist too. Check out the repeating flea market known as Fashionista Bazaar. It’s otherwise known as “labelluv”, it’s a bazaar where people can buy or sell fashion brands for an excellent price.

So if you have that Christian Dior dress you wore to your best friend’s wedding, and afterwards never touched it again, or that Ermenegildo Zegna suit you won at a lucky draw, this is the place to sell it to discerning shoppers. Or if you’re someone who loves what Marc Jacobs has on the rack, but you don’t really want to blow al of your next paycheck on it, this is the perfect place to find something you like.

Brands of every kind will be here, from Hugo Boss to Vivian Westwoods. So don’t miss Fashion Bazaar, and who knows, you might pick up something nice, and someone nice. Or who at least dresses nice.

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