Good manners are a big part of what it means to be Singaporean, so you might not get approving looks if the juniors start playing out the fight scene from Pirates of the CaribbeFamily Diningan in the aisles. You will find however that children are usually welcomed, of course, some of the fancier establishments might have restrictions, but usually, as long as your children are on their best behavior, you’ll find out why family is so important in Asian societies and always welcome.

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But sometimes, kids will be kids and you’ll want to take them to establishments where they can be their fun adorable selves. First on your list should be Globetrotters (United Square #02-02 101 Thomson Road opposite Novena MRT) which promises fun for everyone from age one month to 101 years! They have a great playroom and lots of family-friendly features.

We all scream for ice cream, and Ben and Jerry’s is always a treat for the kids and fortunately are located in most major malls. Of course, the clubhouses at the American Club, British Club and others are ideal for families, and if you’re in the mood for family day at the beach, check out Coastes on Siloso Beach at Sentosa Island, a great place to enjoy the sun and sea and let your pooch get a work out as well! There are simply too many family friendly places to list here, so if you see a venue that interests you and wish to know if they have family friendly policies at the dining table, usually a phone call will do the trick to find out.

When family visits
Singapore itself is a gastronomic paradise, there are so many places you can take your visiting guests to eat, and it’s guaranteed that they’ll all go home a couple pounds heavier. But just where to take them, what places are sure to please?

Asides from the ever popular Newton Circus Hawker Center or any of the great seafood dining options at Clarke Quay, Boat Quay and on the East Coast Road, why not take them up to Mt Faber for a sunset meal with a view of Sentosa Island and the cables cars going too and fro (and if you have a special someone visiting, take note that they serve gourmet meals for two on those cable cars).

If you’re really stumped where to take visitors, no worries, the Singapore Tourism Board produces a free 72-page food guide for visitors entitled "Makan Delights – An Insider’s Guide to Singapore’s Unique Flavors", a food guide, available at the Singapore Visitor Centers, and a lot of hotels, and showcases many local favorites, including ten "Must-Trys".

If you’re going to have guests, some Singaporean delights you must be sure to try with them include:

* Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab
* Hainanese Chicken Rice
* Satay
* Bak Kut Teh
* Roti Prata
* Rojak
* Laksa
* Fish Head Curry
* Char Kway Teow
* Fried Carrot

Text by Jeffree Benet for The American Club Singapore.

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