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Sure you’ll learn to do some very sexy moves and how to sensually dance, after all, this is natural for women. Don’t be worried, the term “exotic dance” is sometimes confused with (or used as an euphemism for) erotic dancing. While there is overlap, they are not the same.

Not all exotic dances are erotic. Not all erotic dances are exotic. Sure you will learn how to use movement to attract others to you, yet more importantly it is A MAKEOVER FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

Experience Exotic Dancing now and

• Gain more confidence
• Attract others
• Be spontaneous
• Spice up your relationship
• Overcome inhibitions
• Master your body language
• Create intimacy

Check out the classes at:
Attitude Dance Studio at 70 Palmer Road #02-01/02, Palmer House (off Shenton Way) Tel: +65 6226 2381, Mobile: +65 9108 2747, Lavina@asiasalsa.com, www.asiasalsa.com

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