Dine amidst a warm wood-paneled interior with elegant tables of unfinished wood, or sit near the sidewalk and watch people as you leisurely dine.

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Esmirada at OrchardThe food portions here are unpretentiously generous and well presented.

Begin with their signature garlic bread, guaranteed to draw delighted ‘oohs’ as it towers in a tall metal stand, slathered in heavenly garlic butter.

Main courses include Lasagna Florentine al Forno from Italy; French Bouillabaise, Moroccan Cous Cous and Paella Espanola. Continue with the delightful cured meats and smoked mussels.

Esmirada at OrchardThe Greek Salad is a must-try, featuring crisp garden greens, cucumber, bell peppers, green olives and Feta cheese topped with a distinctly salubrious dressing. The Kakavia, a Greek fisherman soup is concocted with a fantastic medley of potatoes, herbs and tomatoes.

Large, excellently flavoured chunks of fish float in the invigorating broth.

The specialty of the restaurant though, is the impressive Sis Kebab or skewers with Mediterranean sauces and oven baked potatoes with Tzatziki filling. Dessert is a must as Esmirada is known for its gloriously sweet Tiramisu.

– Esmirada at Orchard, 442 Orchard Road, #01-29, Orchard Hotel, Singapore 238879, Tel : +65 673 534 76, Fax: +65 673 557 23, Email: orchard@esmirada.com www.esmirada.com

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