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But now there’s hope. Fitness buffs and aspiring fitness enthusiasts like you working and residing in the centre of Singapore can now train at the recently opened Energia Fitness Club, a premium fitness boutique gym located along the scenic banks of the Singapore River opposite the bustling retail and entertainment hub of Clarke Quay, a perfect stop off before hitting the pubs.

Stylishly fitted with the state of the art exercise equipment, the Club is designed to cater to a wide spectrum of fitness needs from the busy, stressed executive and teenager preparing to enter the National Service to those with special health and medical needs. Manned by a team of highly qualified fitness professionals, Energia prides itself on providing personalised training programmes through a health and fitness regime tailored to suit individual needs.

Measuring just over 4,000 sq ft in area, Energia is furnished with the latest cardiovascular and weight training equipment from Life Fitness providing a one-stop, compact and comprehensive fitness facility that incorporates various fitness regimes from weight & cardio training to TRX, kickboxing, plyometrics and kettlebell workouts. Its lofty ceilings and airy, bright interior also boast a sophisticated sound system personally manned by DJs to spin their remix for high tempo, energetic workouts.

Energia offers a number of training programmes to suit individual needs. Programmes such as body fat loss, muscle building, flexibility enhancement, posture correction and body sculpting are popular with most people while sports conditioning is favoured by golfers and other sports professionals. For those with special medical and health issues such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, asthma, pregnancy and osteoporosis, ‘Special Population Training’ programmes are customised after a thorough physical assessment. The youth and the silvers are not forgotten too with various programmes personalised to suit their physical requirements.

The Club has also introduced innovative workouts ranging from the super charged Plyometrics which enhance agility, speed, coordination and balance to the explosive Kettlebell training which develops muscle strength, aerobic endurance capacity and flexibility and TRX Suspension training focussing on the core body strength as well as joint and muscular stability.

A hit with the ladies, the A.B.T. (Abs Butt and Thigh) Blast is a comprehensive routine targeting the abdomen, butt and thighs to improve strength and appearance. Highly stressed executives find relief in the vigorous kickboxing techniques and circuit training. As an introductory offer, programmes ranging from S$888 and above per package of 10 hourly sessions are available for the first 80 to sign up. Normal price starts from $1200.

As part of the whole health and fitness experience, a bespoke café is housed on premises offering tasty menu options to suit most dietary requirements and needs such as wraps/sandwiches, pre/post nutrition, energy boosting shakes and freshly blended juices reinforcing the importance of proper nutrition to complement physical workouts.


A team of four elite personal trainers leads a pool of independent fitness trainers in providing proper guidance including customized fitness program, nutrition advice and one-on-one supervision to maximize the positive effects of every workout. Each workout is designed to achieve the desired objective, catering to all levels of experience and health requirements from beginners to seasoned fitness enthusiasts and from youth to senior citizens.

"Our goal is to ensure that we work in tandem with our clients to deliver their fitness objectives with a structured training programme taking in their health issues into consideration, at the same time, ensuring that they will find this enjoyable and personally fulfilling," comments Rizam Arsad, Managing Director and a seasoned fitness veteran.

He adds, "Being an independent fitness boutique gym, we are able to control our membership quota which means that the Club will avoid the problem of overcrowding like most commercial gyms or chain clubs leaving us in the enviable position of providing highly personalized service to our members."

Energia Fitness Club is located at Riverside Point, a five-minute walk from the Clarke Quay MRT. For enquiries, call +65 6226 2777, email sales@energiafitness.sg or visit www.energiafitness.sg

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