Singaporean Lomography Embassy

The website is currently available in Mandarin and English and houses a forum, photo galleries, competitions and interesting features on this wacky piece of machinery.

With over 5000 registered members on the site, there’s no stopping this lomography tidal wave. For one, who wouldn’t be fascinated with this camera’s possibilities?

Unlike traditional photography, lomo cameras come relatively cheaper and are suited for the photographic novice.

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In fact, the mantra of lomography is that anyone can shoot pictures that are unique, stunning, and defy convention. Focus? Viewfinders? Composition?

Lomography advises you to throw these preoccupations out of the window. And with good reason, considering lomo cameras themselves are built to achieve some pretty nifty effects. One of the latest cameras to be launched, the Colour Splash Camera, gives users the ability to toss different colours on their subjects.

The Lomo Kompakt Automat achieves vignette like pictures with saturated colours. And the Action Samplers cut photos into 4 different areas, capturing a scene from a different camera eye.

Intrigued already? For more information, visit the Singaporean Lomo Embassy located at 32a Sago Street, or log on to the Lomography Asia website. To connect with lomographers globally, head straight to

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