So when Paulina agreed to be interviewed by me, I was overjoyed. I thought, it’s finally a chance for me to show and reveal the true housewife psyche to the entire world. And of course, I get to meet a pretty desperate housewife. That is, pretty, and pretty desperate. I refer of course, to Paulina, the girl next door who was happily married, until one day when she finally saw her neighbour and his voice told her that all those crazy nightmares she had was real.

Find out more about Dr. Miranda’s baldness, Paulina’s whipping fantasies, and more of Death and the Maiden when it hits the stage next month. I’d tell you, but only if you beg.

THINK: Hi Paulina, how are you doing today?

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THINK: So Paulina, what did you feel when you first saw Dr. Miranda talking to your husband?

PAULINA: I thought my husband had finally gone off me.

THINK: Did you ever mention your captivity to your husband before? If yes, what did you say? If no, why not?

PAULINA: Of course I told him about the captivity! It was for The Cause! We were doing what was right, that’s why they feared us and had to stop us! And besides, how else could I explain being so late for our date?

THINK: Why do you think you were tortured?

PAULINA: Probably because there was no other way to stop me fighting for the truth.

THINK: What would you want to do to Dr. Miranda now?

PAULINA: I want him to realise how alive he is, and desperately wish he wasn’t.

THINK: As a housewife, you must feel enormous pressure in your tasks daily. Do you prefer to cook chicken or fish? And in what style?

PAULINA: Do I look like an airline stewardess to you? As a true South American housewife, I would only ever serve beef. In my own style.

THINK: How did you first meet your husband?


THINK: Do you think you might have some sort of strange love-hate sadomasochistic relationship with Dr. Miranda?

PAULINA: I’ll only tell you if you beg.

THINK: Do you still fear Dr. Miranda?

PAULINA: The man is bald. Wouldn’t you?

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