Daby Chang

Since I’ve fixed the interview with Daby my mind was never at rest. We met at a quiet spot at Peninsula Plaza. After exchanging the usual formalities, we began a conversation that faltered my temperature forever…

THINK: Let me begin by confessing I am in the midst of learning how to read tarots. For me, my interest began when I started reading about mysticism and spirituality. Since you’ve been in the business for a long time, I’m curious to know how you started out.

DABY: My interest started in crystals. I was fascinated by them but did not have the training yet so that was when I met my master in Malaysia. He taught me Chinese medicine and eventually I was introduced to Chinese astrology. It was only in recent years that I picked up numerology as well to give my clients a holistic approach when they come for a reading.

I use my skills in astrology and numerology on top of tarots to execute a full package. I also went to school to learn more and also through self-study. I kept in close touch with other readers round the world, in my hometown Taiwan and Malaysia to stay ahead of what’s happening.

THINK: Let’s talk in depth about the nature of your clients. Have you come across any weird clients that demanded you to predict the future?

DABY: I have had clients who asked me whether they should marry this guy or girl before. It’s hard to say when you come across such requests. When I’m caught in such situations, I explained to them that the tarot cards are supposed to clear your mind about the situation and guide you to make further decisions. The accuracy of the cards depends on the next steps one take. Some even ask me to predict 4D numbers for them but I keep emphasizing that I’m not a fortune teller. And of course, I also get clients who want me to read about investments which are too risky. What they need is a business counselor not a psychic.

THINK: Have you had clients who are unsatisfied with the readings that you gave?

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DABY: I’ve met a client before who have problems opening up and gave me minimal information which affects the readings. I believe she did not trust me enough to share so I could not give her a proper reading. In the end, I had to give her a discount because she did not get what she wanted and I felt bad.

THINK: What about a funny incident? Something you can’t forget.

DABY: I have my fair share of funny stories. I had a friend who once lost her cat and she came to me asking for psychic guidance after searching in vain. We conversed on the phone and I was reading the cards whilst she was searching. Turns out, her cat was kidnapped by her neighbour’s maid who simply refused to return the cat. I should also mention that I received a client once who asked whether he should go for the operation that he was scheduled for. I advised her to seek a doctor’s opinion instead.

THINK: This brings me to my next question. What kind of clients do you have? From what I hear, your clients are hungry for answers. Are there more women or men who engaged you for a reading?

DABY: My clients come from all over the world but most of the time I travel to Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan to do readings. Most of my clients are women but some of these women are encouraged by their husbands to seek me for a reading. I believe some men are too shy to come forward hence they get their wives or female relatives to see me.

THINK: Any last words before we end this interview?

DABY: I want to make it clear that tarots are about solutions on where to seek help. It depends on what you do about the situation itself then change will happen. If you think positively, then the future will change to what you desire. I always encourage positive thinking because our mindset affects the decisions we make in life.

We ended on a high note with Daby profusely thanking me for the interview. Though it may not seem obvious, I was sneezing throughout the interview and by the time we ended, my nose was already filled with dried flakes that surrounded my outer nose. We walked to the station, our conversation switched to stones and I was admiring Daby’s emerald colored ring. At the back of my mind, I was thinking…what better way than to have a nice person like her guide you to the future…

– For private consultations or social gatherings, contact Daby at daby_c@yahoo.com
Photo: Jeffree Benet

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