Singapore has been documented among foreign visitors as one of the most attractive tourist destinations. It has a well developed and esteemed tourist industry. It offers not just high end luxury hotels, fine dining and shopping malls, but also varied ethnic quarters and vibrant history to discover, along with a plethora of family-friendly attractions and enthralling public spaces that make visiting this place worthwhile. So here is a comprehensive guide on some of the most famous things to see in Singapore:

Marina Bay: This is the place to go to experience Singapore’s most phenomenal side. With the prompt development of this city-state, the entire Marina Bay region has undergone transformation of spectacular proportions. The Marina Bay sands is the central point of the bay, and several wonderful things to do and see in the region revolve around this magnificent resort and building like, the Science Museum, various nightlife, shopping and Casino options. You can arrive here around 8 pm to catch the phenomenal light show, which not only illuminates the water but also lights up many iconic landmarks of the city.

Gardens By The Bay: This is a vibrant, huge, futuristic park in the bay region of Singapore. Its popular Supertree structures give you a splendid skywalk over the gardens, and the magnificent seashell-shaped breathtaking greenhouses recreate frosty mountain climates. Furthermore, there are a plethora of plants and trees to discover at Gardens By The Bay, making this place great fun for both adults and kids. You can also book your tickets online, instead of waiting in long lines.

Singapore Zoo: This is one of the major attractions in the city. Some of its highlights include, thousands of rare species of animals, Jungle morning breakfast along with Wildlife and different ambience at the Night Safari after the sun sets. This place has a different concept from other worldwide zoos. With open cages, all species live in their natural habitat. You can see lions under some grove of trees. Other attractions include, Great Rift Valley, Fragile Forest and Australian Outback.

Clarke Quay and Boat Quay: Both these tourist places are filled with clubs, pubs and restaurants, and so the atmosphere here is mixed up and crowded, offering light jazz to loud music mixed into one. It is often visited by young executives, couples who wish to enjoy a romantic dinner and also several other foreign visitors.

Orchard Road: This is the prime shopping street of the city, regularly visited by the foreign tourists as well as the locals. Named after the famous fruit orchards, this place is flanked by nightclubs, cafes, malls, coffee chains and restaurants. Also, it is the site of the official residence of the Istana, the President of Singapore.

Singapore Flyer: This is a magnificent Ferris wheel that only begins with some of the most stunning views. Cars hold up to about 28 tourists as they circle above the beautiful city. The vehicle has three levels and offers you a thrilling 360 degrees scenic view of Singapore.

From checking out the night zoo to enjoying a wonderful shopping experience, Singapore gives you some of the most exclusive things to do. So next time you visit the place, make sure you follow this friendly tourist guide!

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