You’d think there’s more than one question mark in her question. So after feeling superior for all of ten seconds, I was brought back to earth. And the last I checked – I’m still that poor Chinese girl. Nonetheless, with an hour before the movie, I decided to visit the private lounge which was exclusive only to Gold Class ticket holders. I was holding the ticket to Hollywood treatment! How do you like that?!

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The Club Chinois decor (read red luscious wall paper, chic black and red complimentary accoutrement.) of the lounge, tucked behind a frosted glass wall, brought me to a sophisticated hideout… it felt so SIA’s first class lounge! (Just a fragment of my imagination since I’ve hardly had the opportunity to fly first class.)

At the lounge, you can order a variety of delectable victuals. The set meal was my choice of popcorn. It costs $25 with a choice of starters, mains and desserts. Not forgetting your coffee or tea.

Since Vivo’s first launch on October 7th, hoards of people have been trudging the Vivo paths, which feels a little like shopping on the day before Christmas. Hiding in the GV Gold Class lounge, the decibel levels were vastly contrasting.

There are three Gold Class theatres. Of all three, the biggest holds an exclusive 48 seats versus the GV Max, which is literally like a stadium. The other two Gold Class theatres had 24 & 38 seats respectively.

Being the film aficionado that I am, I was thrilled to find out that GV Vivocity will be offering a multidimensional movie experience. (It’s happening right now as you’re reading this.). You’ll be able to experience Real D technology, which sort of puts the ‘D’ in digital cinema. It’s the improved version of 3D technology in cinemas, and without the painful Christmas goggles. (In the past, 3D movies can only be experienced through a certain red and blue eyewear – but I remembered it as red and green ones. It felt like Christmas goggles anyway.)

The clever people at Kodak were the ones who introduced the 3D system, bringing movie magic to new realm of possibilities. It is a promising marriage between GV and Kodak I’d say.

The 3D experience would also be the first to be installed out of the United States, (finally, something new and fast on our shores…) and one of the first animatic experiences GV has on offer would be the clever Steven Spielberg movie, Monster House.


So back in Gold Class, I was delighted knowing that I could eat a real meal, in the cinema! Imagine years and years of people snapping at you about food in the theatres. Imagine being able to have your mains and a pot of tea in your seat! (Oohh the joy, the joy.)

Not any ordinary seat if I may add. It works like a massage chair and goes down really slowly and subtly into a bed-like couch. My partner was doing one of those… “Now where’s the damm recliner button! … Woooooo… look at me look at me I’m going down.. up… down…”

I know we acted like complete morons but I BET anyone of you going in there is going to try at least once going down and up, gleefully. There’s a desperate side of wanting to watch movies First Class, the way Paris Hilton would have done and there’s a Homer in every one of us – I’m sure he would have approved of our behaviour…

The Chicken Ravioli and the Fish Korma on the main set was definitely a decent and satisfying meal. Without missing a cue, the GV staff brings in your desserts with perfect timing as soon as you’re done with your mains.

For the ladies who want to dress without bringing a winter coat with you even though you’re in Singapore, you’ll be happy to know that they have blankets here to keep you warm through your movie.

So what if we can’t go to Cannes and walk the red carpet? Buy one red carpet home! Or you can simply head down to Vivo City’s Gold Class and experience it… going to the movies no longer has to be such a pedestrian experience!

Golden Village’s Gold Class Cinemas in Singapore has set an unprecedented standard in luxury and sophistication, with 5-star food and beverage, push electronic recliner seats and attentive service down to the finest detail. For the ultimate cinema and dining experience, grab your favourite guy or gal, and head on down to Vivo City to one of the three gold cinema halls. Upon arrival, you’ll feel like a movie star when the concierge welcomes you in the contemporary lounge bar. When the movie starts, you’ll be escorted to plush electronic recliner seats (comparable to First Class airline seats), all equipped with call buttons for fast and discreet service. An extensive fine wine list and restaurant quality food will be available at a push of a button at any time during the film, to ensure a new level of service unseen in Singapore.

But what about the movie experience? Equipped with wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling big screens and Dolby Digital sound, you are guaranteed a stunning cinema experience. And the food! Expect something great every time, as Golden Village’s chefs continually redefine the menu and will introduce new items to the existing menu. So sit back, sips some champagne, enjoy fine dining and the magic of movies, all at Golden Village!

Gold Class is available at GV VivoCity Levels 2 & 3, VivoCity, HarbourFront Precinct, Public Transport HarbourFront Station (Only 9 mins from Dhoby Ghaut)Bus 09 SBS Transit : 10, 30, 30e, 97, 97e, 100, 131, 143, 145, 166, 57, 65, 80 and 9. Other Buses : 61, 188, 855 and 963, and at the GV Grand 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #03-39/40, Great World City, Singapore 237994 Public Transport: Orchard MRT Station, SBS Transit : 16, 32, 54, 139, 195, 75, 970, NR5. Other Buses : Free shuttle bus service from City Hall

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