Still, with so many choices for any Christmas celebrations, I wish places would conglomerate and make bigger settings and parties, so that I won’t have to hop around from one place to another. Mohamed Sultan Road, Club Street, Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Orchard Road. Five parties only, rather than go to individual places, stop for two minutes to have a drink, and it’s moving on again. I spend more time traveling than actually partying.

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Well, this year, Orchard Road will be one huge party as organisers hope, with Christmas celebrations beginning from the 16th, like gigs of some types at various parts of Orchard, Christmas carol singing, and a huge Christmas performance all along Orchard Road on Christmas Day itself. That’s what I’m talking about.

Of course, you can never go wrong with enjoying a nice dinner at home too, prepping chickens and what not, chilling out and relaxing with friends. Or if you don’t like to sit back with any particular group, head on down to ANY club, and you can bet they’ll be milking you for your money’s worth.

The Zouk group of clubs are bound to be loads of fantastic fun, and I’m sure Avalon or Pangaea will not be worse off than them in celebrating Christmas big time. Clarke Quay, Boat Quay will be great fun to hang out on Christmas Eve: partying on the waterfront. And that brings in One Fullerton and the Esplanade. While not too many places have been specific with plans, preferring to keep the mysterious level up, it also makes for planning difficulties. Still, all you need to do is go on down to ANY restaurant you know of, ANY club you’ve heard of before, and something’s bound to happen.

If you prefer to reach out to a global audience, or at least regional area, KL has December parties from 23rd onwards till New Year’s Eve at Liquid Bar, KL. New York is bound to be loads of fun, and Melbourne or Sydney, and not forgetting London. Tickets might be a tad expensive, but it should be completely worth it.

NYE fireworks at the Marina, Singapore

New Year’s Eve promises to be a lot more exciting. Masquerade balls, New Year’s Eve parties, all of it happening in town. Marina Bay will be one huge area of fun with carnivals, great music, fireworks and more. Then move up to the Esplanade, where again, partying is bound to be going on all night at Titanium or any one of the places there.

Miss nothing, as you move down to One Fullerton, and if you’re feeling good and ritzy, the New Year’s Eve party at Fullerton Hotel. Or if you prefer to try the newly-renovated and refurbished Marina Mandarin, head on to the other side of the Marina, and good fun promises to be going on at Ritz-Carlton. Well, there are plenty of hotels there; one of them is bound to have a party. And if you look like Rita Hayworth and dress like Marilyn Monroe, or look like Clark Gable and dress like Cary Grant, someone’s bound to let you in.

Once again, for an exceptional New Year’s Eve, I recommend Zouk, or Indochine’s restaurant Nude at Wisma, Clarke Quay and the waterfront for great balls. Be mentally prepared to see old folks dancing with absolutely no sense of rhythm and timing along Clarke Quay, but well, what the heck, it’s all about having fun isn’t it? And getting very plastered.

Things to note when you are out on Christmas and New Year’s:
Here are a few words of simple advice to all partygoers and non-partygoers. Don’t drive. It sounds like a mad idea, but trust me, you won’t find it useful. Public transport or cabs work just fine. Don’t cause traffic jams.

Secondly, staying at home and watching Scrooge is not interesting, or good. It’s just pathetic. The holidays are all about having group fun. So invite some friends over for drinks, and then watching Scrooge together will make you less pathetic. And if the movie suddenly turns into a huge sexual orgy, that makes you a winner.

Thirdly, layer what you’re wearing. If it gets too hot at the clubs take a layer off, and if it gets colder add one on. Unless you’re planning to stay at one party.

Finally, don’t start late. Plan for dinner to end at 9 pm at most, and then it’s time to find a nice place to have some fun. If you really want to enjoy each other’s company, party at home, or rent a hotel suite and hit it. Because unless you’re a Zoukout fan, it’s not as much fun to move about with about 12,000 other people all sweaty and spraying spittle while dancing to Madonna.

Image of Christmas light-up courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board. NYE photo also courtesy of the Singapore Tourism Board / Photographer: Moric Hidetaka

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