However, if you were to look at us and sputter innocently that Chijmes is a venue you haven’t attempted to check out as yet, perhaps it’s time for you to take the cue and immerse yourself into that New Year groove (this time a fiery mix of a Brazillian-Asian percussion outfit, a live salsa band and DJ sets of Latin-infused house music – sounds like quite a blast if you ask us!).

Lined with stylish alfresco restaurants and cafes throughout the entire space, one might have to flip a decent amount of coins to come to a decision at which joint to go to tuck into a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner, or simply gravitate towards whichever one is most accustomed to. Alternatively, there is always the choice to be experimental in your tastes and try something you otherwise would not: the fun is in the mystery!

…So much food, so little space in our stomachs – where do we even begin? If you fancy a complimentary (euphemism for free, which is almost always good) glass of champagne to go together with your meal, be sure to book a table with Hog’s Breath Cafe (30 Victoria St., #01-26/27, Block A) as soon as possible – they include a glass of Piper Heidseck champagne, with party novelties thrown into the mix, at a nice price of $68+++ per person for 3 courses: the appetizer (a sampler plate of finger food), main course (their signature Hog’s Breath prime rib, choice of natural or blackened // Chicken Dijonnaise (marinated grilled chicken breast topped with avocado and smothered with Creamy Dijon Mustard Sauce) OR Atlantic Salmon (marinated Atlantic salmon with lime hollandaise sauce) if you fancy something lighter) and dessert (Mississippi Mud Cake, served with cream and ice cream).

At the same time, if you are bringing a kid, the little tot gets to have a meal for him/herself too – at $8.50+++ per child, he/she gets to have a taste of the spirit of New Year’s Eve. All main meals are served with choice of Baked Potato, Classic Mashed Potato or Hog Tail Fries; and your choice of Salad or Veggies in season… so what are you waiting for? Clear some appointments in your organizer and give them a call right now; they’d be happy to hear from you.

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At Chijmes, there is really something for everyone – if you or someone in your group is vegetarian (bless your little souls), do pop by Esmirada (30 Victoria St., #01-17), as they do give one the option of indulging in a meatless NYE meal. At $95+++ per person for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus, no one is playing favourites. Perhaps you can even go veggie just for that night to accommodate the copious amounts of booze, which I am sure you will be imbibing later.

Serving Mediterranean exotic cuisine, the menus are pretty impressive; Non-vegetarian: Mushroom and artichoke soup with seared foie gras, stuffed mozzarella with smoked salmon, laced with extra virgin basil olive oil, crisp mesculum, balsamic cherry tomatoes, grilled Fillet Mignon and Scallop Kebab with brandy shallot jus // Oven-baked swordfish steak, served with roasted garlic paprika, mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables // Australian lamb chops with eggplant and onions, served with oven-baked potato // Chicken kebab marinated with special blend of spices, served with over-baked potato, and then topping it all off with sinful yet delicious (forget the diet regime, it’s NYE, dammit) chocolate raspberry mousse with vanilla sauce and almond caramelized apple; Vegetarian: Cold tomato soup with bell peppers, aubergine and feta cheese gateau served with fresh tomato sauce, stuffed pimantoes ‘Provencal’; peppers served with mixed vegetables simmered in couscous sauce, and because they’re not playing favourites, you get the same dessert as the omnivores.

At the same time, professional photographers will be staking the place out to give Chijmes patrons a surprise, armed with their gear as they go around searching for snap-happy people to capture happy moments with. Remember who to look out for if you want a great photo opportunity!

For all of you lovebirds who are celebrating the New Year with their respective significant other(s) (good luck if you have more than one), there is Le Baroque (30 Victoria St., #B1-07, Fountain Court) which offers a decadent dinner of juicy steak or sea bass rounded off with chocolate mousse cake at $55+++ per person or $98+++ per couple.

If rock is more up your alley, instead of reluctantly dragging your feet away from Chijmes (bloated stomach notwithstanding) for other pastures when the Latin tunes start, there is always the daddy of rock himself, Douglas O, and his four-man band, Satellite rocking the New Year with a high-energy countdown within the premises of Le Baroque – get on that dance floor and unleash that wild animal within!

However, if you’re self-conscious about letting loose in front of that hottie sitting in the corner whom you’ve been making eyes at all evening, get a table in the plush restaurant indoors, where you can enjoy the action on the floor below or be entertained by the skilful bartenders at the mirrored bar counter. Couples, there is also room for romance: Le Baroque’s alfresco dining area is set in the softly lit fountain courtyard of the historic Chijmes. While away the minutes to midnight toasting your date with the supper club’s yummy signature champagne cocktail, creme de framboise and fraise topped with Moet & Chandon. Make your reservation now. Celebrations start at $33 (ladies) and $35 (gentlemen) for two standard drinks.

Now, perhaps the arrival of a new year might bring in very good luck for you; if you decide to have your meal at Carnaval (30 Victoria St, #B1-05), which automatically entitles you to 30% off your total purchase AND the chance to take part in their in-house lucky draw (1st prize: Raffles the Plaza weekend stay in Deluxe Room; 2nd prize: Swissotel Merchant Court weekend stay in Superior Room; 3rd prize: Sony Ericsson bluetooth) – now does that not sound attractive or what? Usher in the New Year by popping Moletto Prosecco champagne at $68 (inclusive of free finger food, no less!), as you trip it up, trip it up, trip it up.

Chijmes fountain court

Deep in the heart of Chijmes is Bobby’s Taproom Grill and Ribs (30 Victoria St., #B1-03), quite arguably known to provide some of the most classic American dining, a famous spot frequented by expats, serving to whet your appetites in anticipation of its gastronomical delights, going at just $65+++ per person in conjunction with the festive cheer.

With a choice of prawn bisque or waldorf salad to kick off your rumbling tummies, you will be then offered prime rib steak with masala glazed shallots // lamb chop with mint sauce or the signature baby pork ribs, with seasonal vegetables to finish off the experience, the ambient atmosphere of the restaurant quite possibly lulling you into an almost Zen-like mood as dessert (strawberry/blueberry cheesecake or chocolate truffle) is served together with either coffee or tea.

To sweeten the entire deal (in more ways than one), 2 glasses of Anakena Cabaret Sauvignon will be included as well.

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