Or just try and get a mish mash of a few cultures at the same time? Whether is it fashion, or food, all things fusion need not be a clash of opposites. The key factor is in blending in the right amount of each, playing up a certain taste and allowing a mix of new and old. You’ve got to allow the ingredients to speak for its own, to compliment each other. Fusion food has become more than an experiment; it’s taken a life on its own. Chinese, Indian, Malay, you name it, you got it – All existing in a single plate. No doubt, that’s not impossible. We check out a place where you can get your fusion fix without burning a hole in your pocket.

Lotus Cafe sounds rather chic and expensive. BUT… they’re not. They’re not expensive, and they definitely do not compromise on taste. Their food is a mix of Western gourmet with an Asian twist. Where else can you get tandoori chicken lasagna? Serving hearty home made food, Lotus Cafe has gained a following. All orders are freshly made and you won’t be disappointed.

Their fusion fare certainly provides some much sought after rustic comfort you can’t find anywhere else. They seem to be adamant on satisfying each of their customers’ needs and are bent on looking after their health as well. All their food are high in nutritional value but don’t expect a bland flavour. They have a promotional dish every month and for November, the chef’s recommendation is the delicious peppery spaghetti with homemade char siew prime ribs served with salad and homemade ice lemon tea.

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One thing I like about their homemade ice lemon tea, is the fact that they make it fresh and it’s really a far cry from the seasoned canned version some places serve. Lotus Cafe uses actual tea and fresh lemon juice. The sugar syrup comes separately, thus, allowing you to adjust the sweetness of your tea. Looking for something spicy to kick start your mid day? Check out their Danish meat balls (pork) in Thai curry sauce with steamed rice which is going at a mere $5.20.

Singapore hawker delights

I have a confession to make. I’m a pasta lover and I was simply hooked on their pasta baked with chicken, fresh herbs, and lots of lovely cheese. At $4.80, I would say it’s a real bargain. The portion is well enough for two.

But for the really hungry, like me, it’ll satiate that big appetite and leave you feeling happy. Be prepared to wait for while though, because the pasta is baked by the order. Well that makes it all the more enticing. Mine was served steaming hot with the melted cheese layer smelling oh so heavenly.

The cafe is rather cosy and exudes a soothing ambience with friendly service. The chef sometimes comes out to help serve the dishes too. The thing about Lotus Cafe is their humble attitude. What I like best is the fact that I don’t have to pay through my nose just to treat my taste buds to an occasional cultural exchange of different tastes.

– Lotus Cafe ( ) is located at 125 Telok Ayer Street. Call them up at +65 6423 1791. They open from 8am-4:30pm on Mon-Fri and 8am-3pm on Sat. Closed on Sun & Public Hol.

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