Before you think I’m just an insane food freak, I’ll have you know that food is my passion and to me, it’s really not about how cheap or expensive a meal costs but the history and people behind it. If you ask me, I’d rather have a two dollar plate of delicious home made chicken rice than a meal at a top notch restaurant where the food lacks that special warmth. It’s all an intangible thing. But trust me, once you find a place that sells food with authentic history throughout the generations, make sure you take time to sit and enjoy the textured flavours that comes with it.

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Don’t worry about having to look for one such place on your own because I’ve uncovered a special gem that would definitely impress you. That special place is none other than .East West Mount Faber Nasi Lemak. Now, don’t let the name fool you. No doubt, the place does sell that delicious local delight but there are plenty of other foods on the menu that will impress you so.

.East West is very well known for its tantalising Indo-assam Curry Fishhead. The curry does have a sour aftertaste but that’s mainly because of the assam used to balance the spiciness of the hot dish. Served with brinjal and fish head, it’s definitely a must-try. Drown your nasi lemak with it, or just drink it neat; either way, I’m sure you’ll come back for seconds.

Before you start wondering what’s so great about a place that sells something so common, let me enlighten you about the history of .East West. Owner Amy Lin Anling, a former SBC (Singapore Broadcasting Corporation) singer said that the business has been around for more than 30 years. Her mum, Koh Ah Kim started out with a humble stall at Mt. Faber. They were the main nasi lemak supplier to various coffeeshops and schools back in those days. They’ve since opened a branch at Kreta Ayer and Tampines.

Indo-assam Curry Fishhead

Mind you, .East West’s nasi lemak might appear the same as any others but wait till you find out that every dish is made from scratch including the sambal and otah. The best thing about the place is it’s reasonable prices that don’t make you gasp in horror. You can choose from a variety of nasi lemak set meals that include chicken wing, fish, eggs, otah and vegetables.

Order a la carte if you like; it doesn’t matter, because what they’re known for is their faultless standard of cooking that ensures the dishes taste delicious every other day. This is a place you don’t just walk past because the fragrant aroma from the nasi lemak rice will surely lure you to much heavenly delights. Try also their Thai coffee or tea ($2), it’s definitely something different from your normal Nescafe.

So the next time you walk into a restaurant or an eatery, maybe you could ask the people about the history of the place. It’s rather interesting sometimes, when you uncover stories never heard before. After all, any story about food is a story worth a listen.

.East West is located at 32 Liang Seah Street, +65 6339-0626. They open daily from 11am to 11pm. Check out their other outlets at 47 Kreta Ayer Rd and 201E Tampines St. 23, #01-94

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