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Energia Fitness Club – For all bodies

Energia Fitness Club Singapore

Face it. You eat too much, you drink too much and your body is starting to show it. You can try jogging, but in the heat and humidity that’s just pure insanity. Dragon boating only takes place part of the year, and I’m certain your lover, while appreciative of the effort, won’t bee so keen on your new sex-fitness drive UNTIL you lose some of the fat…

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Luxury Spas in Singapore

Find a patch of plants and for sure you can expect to find water there as well. Just like plants, humans can survive for many weeks without solid food as long as they have water. If water is the source of all life, can water heals what ails you? What magical powers does water possess? To find out, hit the spas, Singapore has many great spas, but here are three of the best.

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Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont

The global financial downturn still shows no signs of bottoming out soon, continuing its deadly rampage, wreaking havoc and affecting economies here and abroad. This dilemma produces unnecessary stress and worrying that is slowly taking its damaging toll to millions of affected bodies and minds.

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