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Do you Noodle?

Chef Xu Ai Min

Noodles at the Millennium Orchard recently brought on board Chef Xu Ai Min, who brings more than six years of La-Mian expertise with him, promising an exciting new menu with enhanced variety to satisfy your Noodles craving!

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All about eating Chinese in Singapore

Chinese NYE meal

Aside from the love of free promos, eating is the second greatest passion in Singapore, and your local friends will be amazed if they find you getting stuck in a dietary rut with such a splendorous selection of salivating cuisines to choose from.

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Hua Ting’s new Signature Dishes

hotel cafes in singapore

A new Signature Menu has been unveiled at award-winning Hua Ting Restaurant featuring the top eight favourite dishes, voted by our guests! This is to celebrate the start of a new decade for Group Masterchef Chan Kwok and his talented team at Hua Ting. Diners are in for a mouth-watering treat as they can look forward to savour the best classic signature dishes of the 21st century!

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