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Christmas holidays in Singapore

Christmas lightup in Singapore

Christmas is a big deal in Singapore. The reason is because we all love getting presents for Christmas, and any season that gives us sales at the shops and presents at the end of the day and great food to celebrate it with is bound to be a hit in this country.

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Bookstores in Singapore

After trawling bookstores in Singapore looking for a potential date, and failing to find any, I have suddenly become somewhat of an excellent expert in looking for books. Especially if your a fan of talented copywriters. So, as we always like to do at Think, we’re sharing our book run with you, so you know where to find what you want. Unless it’s love, in which case I’d suggest Geylang. Heh.

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The Romantic Baths of Singapore

There are few things better for your relationship than a long, luxurious soak. If you have a scummy tub at home or just a weak shower, how do you enjoy a splashing good bath? Simple – use someone else’s. Thinky has scoured the best watery experiences you can have on this hot island. Get wet! Really wet.

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