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Tales of a Hungry Bunny – Chapter 21 (Going North, Indian that is.)

Lately I’ve been craving something a little bit less ching chong, yet nothing as predicatable as ang mo chow. Sure, Malaysian food is simple and filling, and in a normal mood quite tasty. But today, I was feeling in the mood for change. Perhaps it’s because I’m settling into a groove with my new boyfriend that’s making it seem like everything’s in a rut, including my tastebuds. So it was with this malaise that I set out one early evening without any desitnation in mind.

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Tales of a Hungry Bunny – Chapter 19 (Guys are so sappy.)

I’m no fan of cliches and I will not apologise for disliking those who use it once too often. I’m actually referring to the much-repeated supposedly romantic catch-phrases that some people like to use all the time. Stuff like ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’, or ‘you’re my one way ticket to heaven’, or better yet, ‘I just can’t live without you’.

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