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Christmas holidays in Singapore

Christmas lightup in Singapore

Christmas is a big deal in Singapore. The reason is because we all love getting presents for Christmas, and any season that gives us sales at the shops and presents at the end of the day and great food to celebrate it with is bound to be a hit in this country.

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10 Great Vintage Singapore Postcards

Collyer Quay Singapore

Singapore is a city built for getting around, from the world class (and super clean) metro, to the buses zipping here and there to the ever presenttaxi cabs, you CAN get there from here.

And there is a place in the past where coolies pulled hand carts and the motor carriages cruised the Esplanade while their businesses shipped coconuts around the world. Go back in time with us this week with a peek at the past through our collection of old post cards from Singapore’s past, and keep an eye out, there’ll be more to come!

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What food can you expect in Singapore?

Horlicks dinosaur

If you are planning a trip to Singapore then you might be wondering what kind of food will be served. If you are a foodie who loves trying new dishes then you’re in luck because Singapore is home to some of the tastiest and most fragrant dishes in the world.

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10 Great Postcards of Old Singapore

Singapore Botanical Gardens, 1907

Singapore, is a land that always changes, but no matter how much the landscape changes, some things remain beautifully the same… uniquely Singaporean.

Here’s a collection of old post cards from Singapore’s past, there are many more but these are the cool retro handcoloured ones. From Bugis to the Singapore Botanical Gardens, from buildings gone to momuments preserved with pride, you’ll find a lot of great images here to enjoy, and keep an eye out, there’s more to come!

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